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Events Calendar – AM / PM not working

  • How can I get the AM / PM option to work? When I add in the time to be (ex) 09:00am, it only shows as 09:00:00.

    In the WP General settings, the time is set as: g:i a

    And in the Plugin options, the time is set as: g:i a

    But when I try to add an event and add the correct time with am or pm, it is not working.

    Can someone help me? This is for a client site and they want me to fix this ASAP so they can launch their site. I appreciate it.



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  • Plugin Author snumb130


    Enter military time.

    Can you share how I would do that? I need specific instructions please. Thanks!

    But the client doesn’t want military time, they want normal time including am & pm.

    Plugin Author snumb130


    Military time is how the events have to be entered in the current version. You can change the way it looks on the front end with the settings page.

    Yeah, I did that (set to military time in the WP General Settings) and it is still showing on the event as 09:00:00. How can I get the AM / PM to show? My client needs this fixed ASAP so they can launch their site. I appreciate it.

    Plugin Author snumb130


    The events calendar option page allows for time format changes.

    I have made the changes already. As I said in the beginning of my post above, I have the plugin settings set as “g:i a” for the time in the large calendar and widget calendar. But it is not working. AM and PM are not showing. I really need some specifics on what needs to be set. Thanks so much.

    Plugin Author snumb130


    Are you talking about the front end or back end? The admin side will always display military time. This will be changed in the new version.

    If you are talking about the front end I would have to be able to see thw site.

    OK, now I see what you are saying about it not showing on the back-end. That would definitely be something to fix, because it is very misleading.

    And I am seeing that “am” is indeed showing on the actual page of events, but it is not showing pm. It seems like it is defaulting to “am” on all the times that we have added. Do I have something wrong in the code? Is this not correct? “g:i a”

    Here is the link to the calendar on the client’s site: http://downtownmontessori.com/events-calendar/

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Plugin Author snumb130


    It’s defaulting to am because military time is not being used. For example, 2:00pm is 14:00

    My client has to actually use military time to set the time???? That doesn’t make sense. Why is this plugin set up like that? Why can’t we use the normal time system? Can this be fixed please?

    Plugin Author snumb130


    This is the way it was built, but it will be changed in the next version. I said that earlier. I am not performing any custom work right now, but I’m sure if you are doing websites for clients you might be able to figure out a work around. Possibly another plugin. Or just inform your client you are charging them for work that you got for free from an open source market and don’t know how to fix it.

    OK, thanks. When is the next version coming out?

    Plugin Author snumb130


    Hopefully this month.



    Thanks for posting, I love this plugin, I could not figure out how to make the events display in order, the military time format did the trick! http://cottagesonmountaincreek.com/news-and-event/calendar-of-events?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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