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    I’m using the Events Calendar 3 (3.1.1 rc3) plug-in on my WP blog, which is 2.3.1.

    A developer, in the process of trying to fix a problem with another plugin (which I ended up not using) made some modifications to the EC3 plugin. I do not know what the modifications were.

    I have noticed that calendar items are now showing up on the home page once the date for the event has past. The events do not appear for upcoming events.

    I have checked the settings for the plug in, and they are set so that events are not supposed to appear anywhere but on the events listing.

    Any ideas how I can resolve this issue?

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  • Make a backup of all your WordPress files.
    Make a backup of your database.

    Install the EC3 plugin without “modifications”.

    Might also upgrade to 2.5.1 as that plugin is working fine for me at 2.5.1, meaning future and past posts that belong to my ‘Events’ category don’t display on the blog, only in the Event Calendar Widget.

    Thanks for the tips, MichaelH!

    I’m going to give that a go later today.

    I’m worried about upgrading, though. We’ve done a lot of customization, and I’m afraid of breaking stuff. I guess if I have everything backed up, I can just roll back, though, right?


    I think I’ve got the problem resolved. I don’t think it had to do with the plugin, the patch, or the version (though I’m glad I upgraded!)

    I ended up deleting the offending post, then creating a new “out of date” post. It did not appear.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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