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    Hi, it seems that the EVENTID reported by this ESS plugin is not as per the ESS requirements:

    ESS Structure

    ESS processors should use the <uri> value to generate a unique IRI ID value. The <id> value should start with: EVENTID:. ESS processors should save and record ess IDs during feed live to link it with other IDs defined in <relations> XML section (ess:relations)

    This ESS plugin seems to generate the <id> EVENTID by Title instead of by <uri>? The following examples are two separate events (obviously with different event ids), but with the same <title>,


    while the other event with the same name, but different URL has the same <id>


    Am I correct and is this a bug or am I overlooking something?

    – Jason

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  • I haven’t had a chance to test this, but I think you might be right.

    That would explain a few of the other problems I’ve been seeing.

    Plugin Author essfeed


    Hi guys,
    yes you’re both right, Mea maxima culpa..

    To prevent the <id> to be empty a security control set this value to a wrong value that can be duplicated even if the event URL is different.

    I’ve rewrite the feedID assigner to generate it from the event page URL.

    It should respect the ESS DTD no, please update the plugin to the 1.1 release.
    Thanks for your comment.

    And (Bill or other) don’t hesitate to tell us all the bugs you’ve noticed.

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