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  • I have scoured just about every single related thread out there, and I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown concerning one small part of EventCalendar3, which is a great plugin.

    My question is simple: EC3 gives me an upcoming events list in my sidebar that’s formatted the way I’d like (in ascending order, so it’s Feb > March > Apr, etc). HOWEVER, the posts generated in the Events category, in my case, Cat. id = 3, are still sorted by a the timestamp/date modified.

    I even tried adding a query string in a “link” to the Calendar section, which should have worked, according to the developer:

    But it doesn’t, as you can see the event on February 19th is way at the bottom.

    On to my simple question. I can make the category sort alphabetically (for example) by using orderby=title&order=ASC in the URL – wouldn’t I just be able to specify whatever paramater EC3 uses for the “expiration” date in this same manner to get the category to sort correctly?

    In other words, is it necessary to sort by custom field to get this thing to work??

    For anyone else who uses Event Calendar out there, please fill me in on how you got this to work on your site. I’m desperately trying to finish this site over the weekend, and any advice from the PHP/MySQL geniuses out there would be greatly appreciated! thank you 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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