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  • hello everybody

    i just started testing wordpress, because it seems to the best application for my needs, as i want to run a blog with an extended event calendar. it seemed to me the eventcalendar2-plugin would do the thing for me. but with wp1.5 i’m experencing problems using the plugin. the future events are shown in the calendar but when i click them i get the error message “page not found”.

    anyone the same problems? will there be an upgrade for the plugin to make it compatible with wp1.5

    thanks for your answers

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  • i have the same problem with it, i think the problem is with the wp-blog-header.php file.

    more info about it here

    hi sybold

    yes, i think you’re right, but the problem is that in wp1.5 the wp-blog-header.php does not contain the lines anymore which are mentioned on the plug-in page. i think we have to change something in the classes.php. i think i found the place to change, but then i had the problem that the future events apperead also on my frontpage. i found another thread concerning this problem:

    but this is a bit confusing and mostly concerning version 1.2.
    the best thing would be an upate the plugin for version 1.5.

    I tried to cram the hack into classes.php, with little luck. Anyone been able to solve this one yet?

    Just in case you guys haven’t figured this out… If you have Event Calendar installed and you get the “not found” error when viewing future events, you can do the following to make it work in 1.5:

    FILE: /wp-includes/classes.php line 489 replace:

    $where .= ” AND post_date_gmt <= ‘$now'”;


    $where .= ” “;

    So far, it seems to be working for me….


    Ok – this works except for two things that bother me – maybe someone can help??????

    1.) The future events still show on the home page – I need them to only show on the calendar AND…
    2.) The Event category should show up under the Category section in the sidebar – right now it does not show….

    Thanks in advance for any help….

    how to exclude categories not to be shown on the page would be an interesting thing also for people not using the eventcalendar2 plugin.
    in MovableType this was possible with mt exclude categories:
    how can this be done in wordpress?

    Hi, I’m the author of EventCalendar2. Thanks to everybody who’s tried it.

    I’ve not yet moved to WP1.5, so I’ve not fixed these problems. I’ll be making the move in the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to post an update then.

    If you’re impatient, I’d be happy to accept patches… 😉

    I have future posts showing up and I’ve made “one category per page” to show the different categories (The Writing Salon). See my notes about it here.

    My big wish, but I think this is beyond the scope of WP (?) are checkboxes where I could “Show the following categories: []1, []2, []3” etc. and the calendar would show the ones checked. I’ve worked around this by making lots of categories and making separate pages for each category. Anyway, see my post linked above.

    Thanks, Alex, it’s a fantastic plugin!

    An events calendar feature is sorely missing from WordPress. Thus far I’ve be wrestling with EventCalendar2, experiencing many of the problems above. If anyone has further ideas/fixes, please be sure to post.

    Alex, thanks so much to being receptive to our feedback, I really appreciate the work you are doing!

    Bradley / likoma

    My main problems are:

    1. Having my future posts show up when I call their category in The Loop (not really a EventsCalendar2 issue, I know)

    2. Getting my calendar to link to my posts appropriately (even if they are in the future), I use Permalinks.

    Any help you can give would be appreciated.

    A ha! This post might be helpful to others:

    blogging to the future. Thanks!

    I’m the author of the EventCalendar2 plugin. I’ve just updated it so that it works with WP1.5. I’ve also added the ability to publish the ‘event’ category as an online calendar.

    Details on the codex or here:

    the EventCalendar2 is working just fine, but i have a question:

    is it possible to highlight the current day ?
    and how ??

    #wp-calendar #today {
    background: #FFF;


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