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    I STILL cannot get the event calendar ( to show future events. Events that have occurred do appear on the calendar – with a double posting of the title on the popup description.

    I am running wp2.0.2 and eventcalendar3.0.4

    There SHOULD be events listed on 15 May and 30 May at

    As a test event, I wrote “end of May”, changed the time stamp to 31 May, set the post to be an “event”, hit “save” and… Nothing. Still no future events showing on the calendar.

    I have looked (as best I could) through the comments at and archives at
    I have also asked there but received no response.

    I would love to get this calendar working on both sites and feel like an idiot because I seem to be the only person who cannot.

    Alternatively, I would be willing to use Calendar 2.0 ( if it would show the popup titles of the events in the same way.

    Any ideas?


    P.S. I also have tried this event calendar on a newly installed version of WP2.0.2 with the WordPress Classic 1.5 theme (default). On the new wordpress, I have changed some of the css but otherwise it is as it was out of the package. The only other plugin there is SMART COMMENTS PLUGIN v. 2.0 ( I disabled
    SMART COMMENTS PLUGIN v. 2.0 to see if that would resolve my problem but it made no difference.

    I have added ec3_get_calendar() to the template
    and patched the file wp-includes/classes.php by adding lines starting with ‘+’, but without the ‘+’ themselves. The plugin is enabled. I have administrator permissions.

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  • Excuse me for replying to myself…

    I have FINALLY got the event calendar to work. It turns out that one must “publish” the post so that it will appear on the calendar.

    Suggested rewording for the end of “== How to make an Event Post ==” that may save other literal people like me from a world of grief:
    : set the date and time of your event and click <del>’Save'</del> ‘Publish‘.

    Can I ask you to please explain a little bit about what exactly you modified with the + (but not the + itself)?

    I’ve read that bit of the instructions about 20 times and still don’t understand it. What’s all the stuff before the single + tagged lines with the +++ and @@ ?

    Can’t figure out what I’m supposed to change, delete, or add. Thanks.

    Yes, it is a little confusing, isn’t it? What is meant is that the lines that have the + are the lines of code that are to be added. But the + signs do not belong in the coding itself. I found the instructions to be a little awkward as well….

    Allow me to rephrase it:

    First, just in case a mistake is made, make a copy of wp-includes/classes.php and name it untouched_classes.php. Now open wp-includes/classes.php in a text editor (notepad) and FIND

    if (mysql2date('U', $this->posts[0]->post_date_gmt) > mysql2date('U', $now)) { //it's future dated
    $this->is_preview = true;

    AFTER that, using “copy and paste”, add the following:

    if (function_exists('ec3_get_calendar')) {
    global $ec3;
    $ec3_post_0_is_event = intval($wpdb->get_var(
    "SELECT COUNT(0) FROM $wpdb->post2cat WHERE post_id="
    .$this->posts[0]->ID." AND category_id=$ec3->event_category"));
    if ($ec3_post_0_is_event) {
    $this->is_preview = false;
    if ($this->is_preview)

    Save and upload the file to your wordpress folder.

    Hope that helps!

    You’re a hero. It works now.

    For the benefit of any other newbie like me who stumbles upon this thread, you have to set the Event Calendar options too.

    Thanks for posting your solution. 🙂

    You’re most welcome, Ciryaquen. I’m glad it works now.

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