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  • This looks like a great plugin, but once installed, when searching for an event, it just returns ‘no events found’. Even searching using the full title used in Eventbrite, or an obvious word (the), still no results.

    I notice I’m not the only one having this problem. Will this ever be fixed? as the plugin looks very promising.


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  • Having the same issue. I’m on WP 4.0.1

    When I go to edit the plugin, it says that the files are inactive.


    I gave up on the Combrite plugin – going with this

    Albeit it’s not free, but certainly looks well supported, and combined with their event calendar (free or paid) should make a good combination.

    Here’s a front-end demo using the event calendar (choose the Eventbrite event on the 1st Jan 2023).

    No I’m not affiliated with the developer, just sharing what I’ve found

    @lew-egr: thanks. do you know if you need to buy the pro version of the calendar to support the Eventbrite integration?

    BTW, friends of mine have been very happy with The Event Calendar, which they use on

    I can’t find a direct comparison between free and pro, but on the face of it, it looks like the free version will be compatible with Eventbrite add-on. I would check before parting with money!

    I’d be interested to see your friends calendar, but that link doesn’t work for me

    Oops, typo. Should be

    Thanks. It looks like a good solution.

    Certainly lots going on in Boston!

    Combrite’s search works for me, but EventBrite’s doesn’t. It’s been 2 hours and I cannot get my event in search results via Combrite or the EventBrite site. In fact, if I search for CoderDojo (an international movement of computer clubs for *children*) in Seattle right now, EB’s “most relevant” result is a sexual fetish class on rope bondage.

    If I search for “Seattle CoderDojo” via Combrite or Eventbrite, the only item that comes up is an event we held in September.

    It would be nice if Combrite allowed you to directly enter the eventID instead of having to use the search, and I may end up having to dump it because it doesn’t. But I’m more strongly considering dumping Eventbrite.

    I found this thread because I had similar problems. I couldn’t find some of my events using Combrite.

    The solution is to to ping your events.

    Enter the “exact” title of your event and the event url. I used the custom url from the manage page.

    After doing this for all events, they all show up in Combrite. Even using the part of the Organizer name (not in the event title).

    I tries this solution, but can’t figure out what the correct blog name to enter for wordpress/combrite.

    Thanks for any help.

    This plugin hasn’t been working at all over the last few months, and I don’t recall what version of WordPress it was working on previously.

    You enter a search, and the search indicator just spins and doesn’t return any results.

    It hasn’t been updated since 04-APR-2014.

    So, it looks like the best option is to use the embedded code directly from your even manage page in Eventbrite.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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