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  • I’ve installed the Event Registration plugin and placed the {EVENTREGIS} tag in the body, but I can’t seem to put anything BEFORE the form. This is a problem because there is background at the top of the page that normally has images overlapping it. I can’t even put div tags around the {EVENTREGIS} tag. The forms appear above the div in the generated code. How do I fix this?

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  • Not sure I’m understanding you correctly, but sounds like you need to fix you CSS so that you have a container placed further down the page for your page content and place the {EVENTREGIS} tag on a page.

    Thanks for responding.

    No, it’s not the CSS. There’s something wrong with the code. I did wrap the form in a container, but when I save the page, open it, and look at the source code, the container appears AFTER the form, and more oddly, it places a second </body> tag after the </table> tag.

    In the WordPress Write Page field, my code looks like this:

    <div id="regisblock">
    [Event_Registration_Single id="1"]
    <strong>This is where the stuff is supposed to go!!!

    But the end result does not put the form inside the “regisblock” container. Here’s the resulting source code:

    <div id="regisblock">
    <br />
    <strong>This is where the stuff is supposed to go!!!<br />

    *edit* Nevermind, I commented on the wrong problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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