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  • hi there !

    really cool plugin you’re developping ! we’re waiting for the venue update 🙂

    would be cool to allow the user to upload an image from his hard drive.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    I’m looking into this, and considering using WordPress’ built in file manager.

    1. Allow locationless events. Sometimes you have a worldwide event – like “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or BLITEOTW”….
    2. Allow multiple locations.
    3. Repeat events – annually, monthly, weekly, etc.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Currently in the middle of a big upgrade that will address point 3 to a certain degree.

    From the get-go the eom has been an event system with physical locales in mind. This will tie in to a future update that will allow event geotagging an user preference to be “reminded” of events in a user-selectable vicinity. As such, “ethereal” events with no physical place/geographical coordinates are outside the scope of the plug-in.

    Multiple locations are feasible, but a restriction would need to be put in place to limit, or at least throttle the amount of locations one event could have. Otherwise, what would stop a potential spammer from submitting 10 events to the 1000 or so selectable venues within the system? Additionally, we’ve always treated the event->venue relationship to be a one to one connection: an event at a different venue would, by definition, be a different event.

    I think we may be able to use this plug in but in testing it out, I am getting this error at the venue prompt:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/afton/public_html/sandbox2/wp-content/plugins/event-o-matic/event-o-matic.php on line 570

    I do also think it would be great for the user to upload n image from the drive. Would love to chat about possibly hiring you for a cutomization.


    And I know this may sound annoying but for our purposes, we don’t need the venue field at all as we expect users to enter location info in the description field. Would be great if we could turn that feature off. As I said, this may be a customization issue.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    The error may be arising from the need to have a venue entered into the system from the backend before processing public events.

    Why would you prefer users to enter location info into a nonstandard field reserved for the event description? One of the main purposes of the plugin is to enable Geotagging and mapping of events onto a map. This can’t be done if users randomly enter venue information into the event description.

    Hi Matthew,

    I appreciate the geotagging integration but we use a similar plugin at as a means for our readers to enter event listings which we then republish in print. There’s no way we’d be able to enter every possible venue which is why that feature of your plugin is problematic for us. I think we could go ahead and start using the plugin if it weren’t for that obstacle.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Stay tuned for the next release – which allows for public addition of events and venues.

    I would like to see the date in European Format and the dollar $ for the fee removed. How about a dropdown menu for the curency types and date format?

    I also have a problem when adding events from the post, I get the message below when using the shortcode [eom-public-form] and creating an event.
    ‘Array ( [0] => Array ( [user_email] => ) [1] => Array ( [user_email] => ) )’

    It creates the event but no link to a post etc…. When I do it from control panel it creates the event OK.

    Apart from that I’d really like to use

    Plugin Author Matthew


    • Internationalization is key, what else besides money and dates would you like to see here?
    • That is a known bug that is corrected in the latest release. Should be ready within days.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Hi, I am new to wordpress and site building, I am trying to teach myself. I have come across a problem when I put in an address for the venue, I keep getting message “Invalid Address” The address exists ok and is on Google maps too. I am stuck with this and tried searching for an answer, please help.

    Oh is the new version ready yet??
    many Thanks

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Have you tried taking the address from google and pasting it into the page?
    The system verifies addresses against Google. So if Google likes it, the EOM should to.

    And yes, I’ve actually got a big cup of joe next to me and am planning on hashing the new version out right now. Stay tuned.

    Hi Matthew, I have tried to copy and paste the addresses in from Google however still getting the invalid address coming up.

    The problem I have is with two venues in Belfast in particular, Odyssey Arena, 2 Queens Quay, Belfast, County Antrim, and Waterfront Hall, 2 Lanyon Place, Belfast, County Antrim BT1 3WH Belfast, BT3 9QQ.

    I have tried removing, County Antrim, tried without the postcode, with just postcode but to no avail. Can you help?

    Many Thanks

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Ah, the international address may be the issue. Congrats, you are the first person out of the US to ask me about the plugin. Let’s make sure the new version accounts for addresses in all countries so it can be of use to more people.

    I’ll update the plugin to be more friendly to international addresses and I’d like you to let me know how well it works for you.


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