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    Please add in your desired feature requests for the upcoming version of the Event-O-Matic and I’ll do my best to include it.

    Some recent suggestions that will be included:

    • Make Google Map inclusion on the event detail page optional.
    • Internationalize address system.
    • Fix “‘Array ( [0] => Array ( [user_email] =>” bug on confirm page

    What else?

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    • email admin on submission
    • Sidebar widget (especially for submission form)

    Other than that this thing is exactly what I wanted.
    Great little plug-in! Thank you!

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Sub7th, check your spambox – all admins should receive an email when an event is submitted.

    I got it a little after I posted. Server was running a bit slow apparently. Now you’re gunna tell me there’s already a sidebar widget?

    Can’t find the sidebar widget. This is the only thing stopping me from using this excellent plug in.

    Please help.

    Also, what happens when an event is recurring?


    Plugin Author Matthew


    Hi Don, check your widgets for “Upcoming Events”. That is the EOM widget.

    The EOM requires all events to be added independently. This was done to keep spammed recurring events from clogging the system. Eventually the EOM will allow users who submit to track their events and resubmit recycled events as needed.

    Matthew, thanks for getting back to me so quick.

    I think I know what the issue is. I’ve installed another calendar plug in that has a widget also called “Upcoming Events”

    I already added a few events to this one, and I can deactivate it. However, if POM doesn’t work for me, will the previous events on the other plug in still be there?


    Plugin Author Matthew


    That may be the issue. Since I’m working on the updated version of the Event-O-Matic Widget this afternoon. I’ll make a note to update the Widget with a more unique name. This might reduce confusion with other event plugins in future releases.

    Your settings should be unaffected with deactivated widgets.

    Any chance we’ll see a submission sidebar widget with that update Matthew?

    Plugin Author Matthew


    I don’t think that is possible, simply due to the size required by the current EOM submission form. The form is a 2-stage process and is more complex than what is permitted in a sidebar widget.

    Bummer, probably explains why I can’t find any event submission widgets with sidebar submissions.

    Thanks for the quick response!

    One more request;

    When entering Venues from the admin panel, the ability to add Lat and Lon rather than an address. Some of the Venues I’m listing don’t have street addresses which makes it difficult to add them to the venue list.
    Right now I cant add lat and lon at all and if you leave the address field empty EOM wont let you add the venue.

    Matthew, I disabled the other calendar, activated EOM, and the sidebar widget does not work. Please help.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Don, I’m assuming you are using the event cal 3 plugin, which installs a separate plugin to use the widget. You will need to have both their plugins installed and active to use their widget. Don’t disable a plugin if you want to use their associated widget.

    Using Version 1.0.1

    Do I have to enter a code in the widget?

    I didn’t disable EOM. I had another calendar plug in that I disabled.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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