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  • Plugin Author Marcus


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    are you trying to send to admins or other users?

    that’d be the only way currently without hooking in with PHP to do more.

    the file em-emails.php handles this part, currently only that specific function in fact

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am tryin to send a notification of a new event being published to all site users (members of a Home Educators group). Most of them would have Author role/capability. Only one or two would have admin status.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you’d need to use PHP, but if you look at the file I mentioned, the bit you want is between lines 44-50 (plus the surrounding function and filter), so not too much coding required.

    thanks, I will delve into this and see what I can do – I am not into coding too much, but always keen to learn…

    I am looking at lines 44-50 of the em-emails.php file (I have copied it from the events manager editor and pasted it into a text editor so I can’t do any damage inadvertently!

    As I said I am not familiar with php coding, so here goes. The lines refer to the way the plug-in notifies the administrator of events as they are submitted (?). I need the email notification to go to all users of the site, so how would I change the file to achieve this? Or perhaps I need to specify a mailing list somewhere (?) that would be possible.

    I realise you may advise me to leave the file alone, given my ignorance of php code, but I’m willing to be instructed with straightforward steps, preferably explained so I know what is happening… thanks

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you can do this without touching that file, i.e. copy/pasting that bit into a new filter/function of your own, but you’d need PHP experience for that too.

    you’d have to be a lot more specific than that sorry, I have not the faintest idea how to create a new filter/function…

    Thanks, I will look into this, I have a friend who may well be able to get me up to speed with the concepts involved here – always something new to discover and learn to do.

    Maybe this could be a plug-in for Events Manager. I’m sure it would be a useful feature to be able to notify site subscribers, registered users and/or an email list of interested persons.

    Meanwhile I have decided on a workaround. I have installed a plug-in with which I can email html messages to subscribers and registered users. So I can include a screenshot of the new events as displayed on the site by Events Manager, together with a link to the actual event posting. This is a manual notification system of course, but we don’t have too many events to deal with. I am new to WP and am finding it a great tool, flexible, adaptable, with a responsive support network.

    Right back to my Dashboard…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    considering you can make this without hacking our code, it certainly could be. if you do get a snippet going, paste it here as i’m sure other smay find it useful!

    Hi steveredshaw,
    what is called the plug-in that you installed??
    I am looking a way to create an event and manually send it to all members of my wordpress site?
    thank you..

    I installed Email Users plug-in and found it very good for my purposes, if you do a plug-in search under this term you also come up with 2 or 3 other similar plug-ins that might be appropriate.

    Hi Steve,
    I just want a plug-in that
    1 let me or members to create the events.
    2 that the events created can be notify by email to the members
    (no registration form, etc)

    does the Email users plug-in to it??

    Thank you..

    I could not find a way to automatically email events to site members, the Email Users plug-in was a workaround as it needs to be handled manually. In the end the Events Manager plug-in (which was the original subject of this forum query) could not cater for my exact needs, though I believe the paid-for version does have an email notification facility. But it does allow site members/users to create their own events, it has an excellent calendar and the events list is presented very well – at least it looked really good in the theme I was using. I suggest you experiment, it took me quite a while to get familiar with the Events Manager plug-in and satisfy myself that it met all my requirements.

    Thank you

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