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  • Hi there,

    is it in any way possible with this plugin to have some sort of alert go off (email/rss/doesn’t really matter) even if it is just to the site admin.

    this seems like such an obvious feature any many people are asking for it but i haven’t found any free or premium solutions to this.

    Any help would be appreciated as for me there is no point in having a calendar with no alerting / reminding system regardless of how basic.


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  • I second this request..

    So no one is interested in this feature? i find this hard to believe….?

    I know what you mean.. I would find this a VERY useful addition to this nice calendar… The only notifications a person would get is if they subscribed to the calendar.. But that is still a limited amount of people…

    I guess I’m missing the point both of you are asking for. When I view the website with the calendar, I can see the upcoming event(s), so….?

    When an event is created and email would go out to someone who would like to keep up with new events. Me, I am setting up a deposition scheduling calendar and each category is a court reporter. I would like to have it send an email to whoever I choose to have it sent to. Almost like subscribing to the calendar itself, but instead of it updating a calendar it send an email.

    Not knowing what would be involved it incorporating this feature, my gut feel is that it would be a tremendous undertaking on the part of the ai1ec developers.

    I am sure this is true, but just making suggestions that would make it more robust…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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