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    I installed Events Manager 5.5.2 and have set up anonymous bookings. Everything seems to work fine except when the user submits the booking the event submission form is redisplayed instead of the success message (or if the success message IS displayed, it happens so fast I can’t see it and it’s overwritten by the submission form)

    This happens regardless of o/s or browser I am using.

    In my settings for the plugin I selected No for “Show form again?”. the submission page on my site contains nothing but the shortcode [event_form]

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, please and thanks?

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  • This sounds like it could be a Javascript conflict. If you test with all other plugins deactivated and while using the default theme, does that fix the problem?

    Thank you for your reply. The only other plugin I have is the WP Fullcalendar. I did not change any of the theme settings. Per your suggestion, I did try disabling WP fullcalendar but the behaviour stays the same.

    i DO have root access to the web server. Is there somewhere I might look for error messages? It runs CentOS

    This isn’t likely to turn up in an error log. Can you post a link?

    the page i am working on is

    thanks again

    do you have any caching plugin installed? if yes, is it possible to temporarily disable this?

    Er, well, if i do, i don’t know about them. i installed wordpress the way someone would have done who had never used it before, nor has had much experience with cmses in general, but has seen a computer or two in her long life. then i went looking for plugins that would allow for a community events calendar with submissions to be approved and found events manager and wp fullcalendar.

    i just approved the test posts you tried, so i hope you’ve got the success email for those? and you can see them on the calendar at

    i also took screenshots of the dashboard plugins page at and the entire exhaustive set of eventmanager options at eventmanageroptions4 is where the user capabilities start, and eventmanageroptions7 is where the settings pertaining to anonymous posting start. i’m not sure if this is helpful but there it is

    thank you for your efforts!

    So just to clarify, it’s working ok – it’s just that the success message isn’t displaying?

    yes, that is correct. the site admin person is duly notified, and the submitter gets an email when the item is published. but there is no indication that anything has been done when the form is submitted. it just redisplays the event input page. this seems to me like it may cause users to not think their event submission worked

    did you modify any EM templates eg. event submission form ?

    I’m having the same problem. I have modified some EM templates but it may be a WP version compatibility issue.

    On my local web server I’m running the site on WP 3.7.1 and EM 5.5.2. Anonymous event submission works fine and the success message is displayed.

    On another server, I’m running the same site (ie same plugin settings and EM template changes) on WP 3.8.1 and EM 5.5.2. Anonymous event submission works fine but the success message does NOT display or is quickly overwritten by the submission form.

    No caching plugins are installed on either WP installation.

    Let me know if there is anything specific I can check to help with debugging.

    ok – it’s not the WP version causing the problem.

    I duplicated my local host site and upgraded it to WP 3.8.1 – anonymous event submission works fine AND the success message is displayed on submission.

    So there must be some other difference I’ve missed. Will keep searching.

    hmmm – still no joy. Went through all the plugins to make sure I had the same versions on the localhost and server sites.

    Everything appears to be identical but I get the success message on my localhost site but not my hosted server site.

    localhost is running Apache 2.2.22, MySQL 5.5.24 and PHP 5.3.13
    hosted server is running Apache 2.2.26, MySQL 5.5.33 and PHP 5.2.17

    Will keep digging.

    Are you using the same theme (and same version) on both sites?

    Both sites are using a child theme based on Responsive (free version) by Cyberchimps.

    The hosted server site (not properly showing success msg) was using Responsive v and the local host site (properly showing success msg) was using v

    I upgraded the local host site to the latest version of the them (, cleared the cache and the success msg still displays properly.

    Will do more debugging as soon as I can to try and determine if the success msg is not displaying at all or if it is being quickly overwritten by the submission form.

    hmmm – getting more strange.

    I removed my customised event-editor.php form and tested it with the default event submission form.

    Now I get no success msg on any of my setups (local host, hosted test site, live site) and the user submitted events are not showing up as needing attention in the WP admin menu (the little counter number).

    Not sure if they were or were not showing up in the WP admin menu event counter before or not, though.

    It looks as if $_REQUEST[‘success’] is not being set for some reason. Any thoughts?

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