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    Hi, I’m testing the free version, very good so far! There are a couple of small problems when importing from a .ics file (from Google Calendar) to Event Manager though.

    1. It automatically creates a location, which more than likely will need to be deleted.
    2. If I import the same file again, it correctly skips duplicating events (yay!), but seems to create more locations (I’m not 100% sure on this one, the duplicates may have been created in the first import.)

    I don’t see an option to turn off location creation, but is there maybe an API hook that you can point me to to modify this behavior? I might also like to set some custom fields here, etc. Basically all imported events will be drafts or pending anyway, and reviewed by a human before publication.


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  • AH! I found the “AUthorize Facebook” button at the bottom of the plugin settings page, the import works now. FYI, it might make sense to re-word the instructions, since the Authorize instruction came right after the FB App settings info — I was looking for it on the FB App settings page, not back on the plugin page.

    Just thinking out loud here but it might also make sense to either move the Authorize button up directly beneath the FB key fields, or else put an instruction there to scroll down the page to Authorize.


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    Hi @dcusername,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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