• First and foremost, this is a great plugin. The paid version is top notch, but it comes with a catch. It has a lot of great features and offer a paid support plan. However, if you opt not to get the support plan they try to make the most trivial things more difficult for you. For example, if you do not purchase the support plan they do not allow you to update the plugin directly from WordPress. You have to go to their site, download the plugin and then manually upload via FTP. It sounds simple enough, but this plugin is constantly being updated so it is very easy to get 304 updates behind. Just one of the inconveniences they impose on you after you have already paid for their product.

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  • Steven Christenson


    Do they also prevent access to the support forums? The search that I did about GoToWebinar lands on a page where it says I must have a license or a login. I registered to create a login, but it still won’t show me the content on the page.


    I don’t understand why they don’t want me to find out more about the product without having to first make a purchase!

    You were not able to access that post because it was originally posted in the Premium Forums. Users who have not purchased a premium support license cannot access the premium forums, only the lite forums.

    But I can summarize the staff’s response with regard to GoToWebinar — it might be possible to integrate but there is no built-in support within the plugin. He then links to a support document on the Event Espresso website and the API documentation on GoToWebinars.

    If you have questions or issues, I would highly recommend using the Pre-Sales forum, the Lite forum or the WP.org plugin forum rather than posting on reviews of the plugin. Reviews are not an appropriate space to request support.

    Just some clarification for the original poster’s comments.

    1. The support license grants you to access for all the paid support forums and automatic updates (via WordPress Backend) for the premium version of Event Espresso for the duration of your support license (one year).

    2. The FREE version of the plugin can be updated via your admin pulling from either the EventEspresso.com site (with a FREE version license key – that is, yes free of charge to users who register on our site for the free level – repetition intentional) OR, if you’d rather not get automatic updates coming from EE.com you can STILL receive automatic updates for the free plugin from WordPress.org by just not entering a license key.

    3. The Event Espresso release cycle is we try to generally do a feature release once a month (but it’s averaged about once every 1.5 months) and in between those we do hotfixes for bugs that affect users of EE. Man I wish we could pump out updates as fast as you describe! 🙂

    So I hope that clarifies things.

    Oh one more thing. Within a couple feature releases we plan on updating EE so that you can update from the free version to the premium version by just entering the premium license key and hitting an “Upgrade” button. That will get rid of one of the few times you currently have to FTP Event Espresso on to a server (when installing the premium version for the first time). FTP is sooo dang slow, and its always been a pain point for us too that customers have to do that, so we’re excited about getting that update out.

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