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  • Resolved Jaakko Pöntinen



    I’d like to have my event listing show upcoming events only.

    Why? I want to show the upcoming events in an Ascending order, so that the event that’s closest to starting shows up on top.

    If all events are in the list, I’ll have the list ascend from 2016 to which the data set’s first event dates have been set to.

    Simply put: I want the list to show only upcoming events, starting from the one closest in time.

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Hitesh Makvana


    Hi @jpontinen,

    First you need to hide expired and cancel events from the listing via settings in Event listing -> settings.

    Now you need to use the shortcode [events orderby="event_start_date"]

    I hope this helps.
    Thank you


    Worked like a charm, thank you again.

    Feature request: Add a shortcode-based option to display/hide expired events. That way one could have an archive of all events and then an another list with only upcoming events. There could also be an option on the same shortcode to show ONLY expired events. You should, I think, also be able to choose whether to filter out EXPIRED events OR/AND events that have their End date/time met.

    Personally I have to edit all 450+ events now to make them expired correctly, as I didn’t set the end date to be the expiry date as well as the end date when importing the data from my dataset.

    Also, you could have “upcoming X time” as a filtering option, as in “next 30 days”. As of now, the amount is static (i.e. “this month” or “next month”) and only gets refreshed when a week/day/month etc is over. So when it’s July, you can’t see August events even if it’s July 31st! Then on Aug 1st, you can see that current month once again. I don’t know where that would be practical..?

    Thank you!

    Wait wait, sorry, actually the “hide expired events” did not work.

    I now have the expiry date set for all entries after a new import. Yet all the events are still showing, all the way back from 2016.

    How to proceed?

    If it matters, all the events have their expiry date set to the same date as they are on, because the events only last for few hours and always start and end on the same day.

    – JP


    I edited one event and set the expiry date to end date + 1. Then it disappeared and the single event page started to show that registration has been closed.

    So the expiry date cannot be the same as the start date.

    I’d change this behaviour, as inputting events that are a few hours at a time seem to be a bit unsupported as of now 🙂

    Thank you, still super great plugin to use; tried many event calendars and ended up ripping hair from my head; this is nothing, lol.

    – JP

    Plugin Author Hitesh Makvana


    Hi @jpontinen,

    Thank you so much for providing all the information about the process. The event expiry date is already set up but it is not removing or changing the status of the event?
    We haven’t tested with import event but I would like to see how it behave.
    Can you please create support ticket here


    The expiry date works fine when it’s set AFTER the event has been open.

    In my case, all the events were on the same day; hence both start and end day were, for example, 11.25.2019. If you then set expiry date to 11.25.2019, the event does not expire and is showed on the listing even if it is set to not show expired events.

    Feature requests: Make a checkbox for “event expires after event is over”. I think this is functionality that’s more expected than the one which is default now: events never expire.

    Thank you! 🙂

    Btw, using WP All Import to import datasets into WP Event Manager. Would also be nice if your plugin would let WPAI recognize your meta fields; now one has to spy them one-by-one to import to meta fields _event_start_date, _event_banner, event_end_time and so on and add them as manual data rows when creating the import settings.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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