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    I have a problem with grouping events on category and location pages by day and by month.

    See my settings here:

    As you can see, i prefere to list events by day. This works correctly if i list all the events. But if i access the events from a category or from a location, this is not applied anymore. No existing similar setting for these pages either.
    Search results page however is fine.

    Any suggestion?

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    Anybody? Is this a bug or was done like this as purpose?

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    at the moment the event listing format is handled under events > settings > formatting > event categories > event list formats and same with location page

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    I know that, that’s why i wanted to be specific and posted a screenshot because on the tabs you pointed out, event display cannot be formatted to group them daily / monthly or whatever, what is available under Events page setting (see the dropdown in screenshot).

    So while listing all events or search can be a nicely grouped list, category and location pages can be a real mess. We have hundreds of events and the current listing is not transparent at all. I really don’t understand why is this not available or why is not inherited to category / location pages.

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    The grouping setting is only applied to the events list. That said, you can use the grouping shortcode to do what you want:

    [events_list_grouped mode="daily" category="123"]

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    This basicly means creating new pages for each category and location or whatever filter i want to use from within WordPress, making the main category slugs unusable.

    The grouping setting is only applied to the events list.
    Category and location pages are also event lists, just pre-filtered, so grouping should be inherited, or atleast optional.

    This is a good plugin, but at some points it gives me unfinished / unpolished feeling, but who am i to complain about something free?


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    Ok, the solution is very simple, and maybe you was thinking about this, but did not take the time to properly answer. I know it’s a free plugin but still, support should be a bit more detail and patience oriented.

    All this said, the solution is: the page formatting textareas do handle shortcodes too, where i tuaght i can insert these in new pages only. According to this, this is how my settings page looks like with problem solved:

    SO instead of
    i used
    [events_list_grouped mode=”daily” category=”#_CATEGORYID”]
    and this should have been the supports answer too. Simple and strightforward.


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