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  • Ok, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the whole customizing the add event form thing. I feel like only users with some css chops will be able to get their plugin form to look half way decent. I’m trying, but I just don’t know what file to even begin editing, not am I confident on what to add. I see two css files, datepicker.css and event-o-matic.css. I’m assuming it’s the latter I should be editing.

    Someone else in the forums suggested these tutorials which I have been perusing a bit.

    I just want to clean up my text areas and give it a basic button of some kind for submit to make it look sharper. Looking at this link ( it looks like I would have to add some portion of form textarea and form send button, and then tweak the backgrounds, borders, fonts, and widths as necessary. Does that sound correct?

    If that is correct, is it supposed to start with the following?

    form textarea { and end with }


    form send button { and end with }

    Do I need to start anything with class Event_O_Matic{ at all?

    I’ve managed to figure out how to tweak existing css files in the past just by trial and error, but I have never had to add my own code. I’m sure what I’ve written here will be a testament to how little I actually understand it, but any help or guidance by fellow event-o-matic users would be much appreciated.

    If you have styled your form and don’t mind sharing what you did, that would be great.



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  • Plugin Author Matthew


    What you should probably do is build a suitable style based on the particular theme you are using.

    Modify your theme’s style within this file:


    Within this file you can modify specific elements and selectors for the event-o-matic page. Form elements and event presentation elements can be defined here.

    Restrain yourself from updating anything within the event-o-matic plugin folder, as this content will be overwritten anytime you decide to update my plugin.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    It sounds like you are at the beginning stages of learning style development and a complete explanation of CSS styles and selectors is outside the scope of this plugin. Consider consulting a css design expert who could walk you through the process of styling the form to fit your preferred style needs.

    Hey Matthew-

    Yeah, I’m not a programmer at all. I work with enterprise infrastructure type stuff (vmware, clariion san storage, networker backups, etc.) I do this wordpress stuff for fun/hobby, so I (unfortunately) don’t know coding at all. I can teach myself a lot of different things, but programming is not one of them (I’ve tried).

    Usually I can find enough information to figure out how to make small changes that I need, but this seems out of my comfort realm at the moment. I would think most WP users are non programmers which means they’re either going to have to use the default form look, pay someone, or learn to style themselves. I’m all for the latter, but I also find it naturally frustrating (since I can’t play while I’m trying to fix/learn…lol) too.

    I use the thesis theme and they have an outstanding support forum over there for members, so I’ll present my situation to them in hopes someone can guide me a little bit.

    Thanks for the reply, and again for making the plugin available. 🙂


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