• I did a pretty exhaustive review of WordPress event management plugins and settled on Event Espresso for two reasons: 1) It had the richest set of features and capabilities and 2) Amazing support. Let me talk about the second point first.

    EE has lots of features to be configured. Although I have been a programmer for almost 50 years, I am getting on in years (70 now) and I don’t have the “dig-in-and-figure-it-out” energy any more, so when I hit a problem, I just create a support ticket and wait for a response. Amazingly, I can count on a response in very short order. I submitted a support ticket this morning and got a response within an hour. Of course I have to pay for support and it isn’t cheap; but it isn’t expensive, either, given the level of response being provided.

    Now to my first point: features. I am starting a new business teaching personal growth seminars around the Northwest. About 25 years ago, I discovered that my head wasn’t the only intelligent organ in my body: I had a heart, too; so I started the process of getting to know myself better. Interesting journey! Now I am rolling out my ConneXions Workshop in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Each seminar has a distinct venue with different capacities. Some are residential and others are non-residential which has an impact on the cost and price I charge. I want to accept a full payment or a deposit with a final payment due by arrival at the seminar. I want to be able to communicate with the participants both before and after the event. I want to support having different staff members for each event. I want to be able to support discounts for “special” people (i.e. close friends who have supported me and can’t afford to pay full price).

    EE met every one of these requirements with ease. It has a collection of related plugins that I have only begun to explore, so I fully expect to be able to add new features as I study these additional capabilities.

    Bottom line, Event Espresso is a superb product and I give it top marks. And I am willing to do whatever I can to help them succeed because I am now very dependent on them and I trust them to continue to provide me an excellent solution at a very reasonable price.

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