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  • The recurrence setting of event editor, namely the parts in templates/forms/event/recurring-when.php and templates/forms/event/when-with-recurring.php, cause issues with languages using a different grammar with ordinal numbers and singular vs. plural than English does.

    The issue is in the following lines, which in recurring-when.php 17-26 and in when-with-recurring.php 39-48:

    <?php _e ( 'every', 'dbem' )?>
    <input id="recurrence-interval" name='recurrence_interval' size='2' value='<?php echo $EM_Event->interval ; ?>' />
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-daily-singular"><?php _e ( 'day', 'dbem' )?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-daily-plural"><?php _e ( 'days', 'dbem' ) ?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-weekly-singular"><?php _e ( 'week on', 'dbem'); ?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-weekly-plural"><?php _e ( 'weeks on', 'dbem'); ?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-monthly-singular"><?php _e ( 'month on the', 'dbem' )?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-monthly-plural"><?php _e ( 'months on the', 'dbem' )?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-yearly-singular"><?php _e ( 'year', 'dbem' )?></span>
    <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-yearly-plural"><?php _e ( 'years', 'dbem' ) ?></span>

    For English it’s fluent to say “every 5 weeks“: no ordinal dot, and with the subject in plural form. In Finnish the only fluent way is “joka 5. viikko”, with an ordinal dot and the subject in singular form. Currently there’s never an ordinal dot and incorrect plural forms are used.

    One solution that would require no new language strings would be to employ the already existing strings, such as “every %s weeks” that is possible to translate fluently: “joka %s. viikko” or more clearly, “%s viikon välein”.

    Emplying that is rather hard, since %s can’t be used to print the input field without
    a) printing the input field many times, or
    b) printing it once but printing the <span class='interval-desc' id="interval-daily-plural"> elements many times.

    The best solution might be to add new language fields and/or making use of the context of _x(), which allows translating “every” and “weeks” in different way here than in other parts of the site.

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  • Sent Marcus an update to the Finnish translation containing a temporary workaround to the problem. It might cause other issues though if the same strings are used elsewhere in a different context. The only long-term fix would be to employ the context of

    The change done was the adding of the ordinal dot to the translation and using singular form instead of plural.

    Changed strings:

    “day” – “päivä” -> “. päivä”
    “days” – “päivää” -> “. päivä”
    “week on” – “viikko” -> “. viikko”
    “weeks on” – “viikot” -> “. viikko”
    “month on the” – “kuukausi” -> “. kuukausi”
    “months on the” – “kuukaudet” -> “. kuukausi”
    “year” – “vuosi” -> “. vuosi”
    “years” – “vuotta” -> “. vuosi”

    After this change [event_form] now uses fluent Finnish for the recurrence description.

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