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  • Yesterday I installed the latest version of EM and when you click on the event details link it goes to the 404 page.

    I saw that there were problems with this previously, but I thought that was fixed in this version? It appears that the code mentioned in those posts is already present in this version.

    I installed the free version as a trial as I was planning on upgrading to the paid version if I could get this working easily.

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    are you using permalinks?

    it might be worth updating your permalinks (if turned on), e.g. go to Settings ~ Permalinks and save.

    Yes, I am using the permalinks and I already had tried going and saving to try to update the settings.

    Unfortunately, It didn’t do anything. Links still go to 404 pages.


    does you server rewrite module is enable?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    permalinks should be working normally now.

    firstly, did you check that you have an events page selected in Events > Settings > Event Page? it could also be a plugin (or even a theme) conflict, so you could try disabling your other plugins and reverting to 2010 theme to see if one of those fixes it.

    if not, are you on IIS? if so there has been one single case where this just didn’t work and so you have to add


    to your wp-config.php file

    I have the same/similar problem. I installed EM on a newly installed wordpress instance. I didn’t installed any other plugin or theme and I didn’t edit any setting. It’s just an default wordpress installation.
    The first page, where the 3 example events were listed, works fine. But If I click on the link for the event detail (http:/ the example post from the wordpress installation appears.
    It doesn’t matter if I click on the link for the event 1,2 or 3. WordPress always load the example post page.

    The wordpress installation is on a webfaction server and was created through the webfaction admin panel. So I couldn’t really tell which webserver is used on the server. But I think it’s nginx.
    What settings have to be done on the server that the plugin works? I would create a new support ticket on webfaction, but I don’t know what I should tell what exactly the problem is?!

    I have the same issue as BernSch except I am hosting my own server.

    So far as I debugged the code I think the error is in line 13 in the “em-events.php” file

    if ( get_the_ID() == $events_page_id && $events_page_id != 0 ) {

    On my installation the “get_the_ID()” function always returns 1 for the event detail page. It returns 4 for the event list page, which is correct. The event page has the id 4. But why returns the function for all event detail pages the ID=1?

    Adding define(‘EM_DISABLE_PERMALINKS’,true); to the config file does allow the event detail links to work. Obviously they are now formatted with just the event_id in the URL but that’s fine for the event section.

    Thanks for your help!

    Thanks rpbender – I tried this for my issue and still had no joy

    Links still goes to my latest post?

    I’ve also tried to add
    to my wp-config.php file.

    But as chriscooper3000 has pointed out before – it didn’t work 🙁

    Found my issue – maybe it is the same for you BerndSch?

    Whenever I did a fresh install of the Events Manager I always made the Events page the front page of my site in the reading settings.

    By doing this, it displays the url without the


    therefore – when clicking on the events it would error.

    By not having it as the front page always ensures the link goes to


    For me I will now not use the Events page as front page.

    @chriscooper3000: thanks for the information. This works for me too

    @berndsch: just to add – I have managed to add my events list to a new static page by using

    [events_list limit="5"]

    in the page content – I have then used this as my frontpage and it all works ok.

    Good Luck

    Thanks, this works also fine on my site 😉

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I’ve noted this down and will check this out and see. In the meantime, are you having issues with the front page only?

    Are you also having issues with permalinks and disabled the permalinks only in EM using the recommended code above?

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