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  • For the second point, have you tried using the #_EVENTDATES placeholder?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    For the first point, unfortunately there isn’t aside from not showing them on your list, e.g. Events > Pages > Events List > Are current events past events?

    Since ordered by start date, it started earlier than events this week.

    Thanks Marcus. I told it to only show future events which is fine. I am curious to know how other people handle ongoing events with start dates from the past. One of the things that was requested of me was:

    1. List starts at today’s date
    2. Events starting this month come first
    3. Events still going on for this month (but have start dates from a previous month) show up on the list for this month but at the bottom of the list with events that actually START this month at the top of the lst
    4. NO previous months should show in the events list.

    this is my current events page:

    Any ideas? One last question- on my events details page (click any of them) my sidebar is on the bottom. Would you recommend that I build a new page template using elements from my current single.php and merge those into my copied event-single.php?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    I think it’d be a case of showing different lists on the same page… it’d be pretty difficult to sort it the way you want i think, especially since you have pagination (i.e. many events).

    you probably need a new scope though… we don’t have a ‘past but ongoing events’ scope.

    Create Your Own Event Scope

    as for the other question, read this, it may help. Many themes use classes in the body/post area to distinguish template layouts –

    Thanks marcus! I will check those links out. Have a great day!!

    OK I just want to clarify one thing.. here is why the sidebar is on the bottom. There is a div called #rightColInterior and for some reason its ending up inside #contentSingle. If I mod event-single.php will it completely override any theme template? In other words can I mod it similar to my theme’s page.php to create a custom event page?


    OK.. found the issue. Sometimes it’s the smallest things. After staring at the ‘Single Event Page’ box in the ‘events’ section of the Event Manager Options area, I finally got smart and decided to cut and paste the code into Notepad++ to get a better look at it. I noticed that the container DIV wasn’t closed. This is why the sidebar was inside the content div. DUH!!!!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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