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    Ever since I updated to WP 3.3.2 my events that are imported from Facebook show as January 1, 1970. And the time is 33 minutes off. Now before you say check with the developer of the pug in I have done this. He was also kind to install a test on his server with my Facebook events and it lists the same events and times correctly. This is very strange. I tested it on my local server and the times and dates were wrong also. So what could be causing it to display incorrect? Also I think the times showing as 33 minutes off seems to be a indicator too. This is the plugin I’m using

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  • jan 1st 1970 is generally considered to be the earliest date that you can set a date to on a computer..

    it is also generally the date that displays when there is a date handling error..

    my best guess would be that either you or the developer are using a different date format (ie dd/mm/yyyy vs mm/dd/yyyy).. try checking under your general settings and making sure they are set to the same as the developers 🙂

    Yes I am aware of that date. But the format of the time and date in WordPress settings didn’t change that. All it does is display January 1970 in different ways. He hasn’t changed the code either.




    Just deactivate or rename the Facebook plugin and see if the date still shows the same.

    from what i can see of the code in the plugin there are plenty of date handling areas that could potentially cause issues depending upon how your server/installation is set up to handle dates.. that and could also be to do with the language/locale setting of the facebook event organiser/app owner..

    id be making sure ALL those settings are the same as the developer apparently needs them to be..

    This really has me puzzled. The plug in code never changed. The developer sent me the exact file he is using and the dates and times are correct on his end. The person posting the events on Facebook are in the same city as me. Just recently someone brought it to my attention the times were off.

    Got it fixed thanks to the developer of the plug in. Recently Facebook changed the start_time and end_time as a sting causing the issue. Read about it here.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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