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  • I am also having the same syptoms. It started occuring when I upgraded to WordPress 3.6

    This is the error I am getting when trying to edit, add, change or view any event:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; compat/4.2.08050; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; 98770040903; Engine/6.08050)
    Timestamp: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 16:57:43 UTC

    Message: Not implemented

    Line: 16
    Char: 133
    Code: 0


    I have the same problem. After updating to WP 3.6, it is no longer possible to add/edit events.

    This happens only in Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
    It works well in Chrome and FireFox.

    Are there any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!

    Same problem here – Works great in Firefox. Perhaps there are some settings in IE that can be made? Thanks.

    Any updates on this issue yet? I updated WordPress to 3.6 as well before checking compatibility. 🙁

    I checked on my test-site, but only with chrome 🙁

    Is there an easy solution to this problem? Could it be a problem with jQuery in WP 3.6?

    Same problem.

    I was able to get Calendar working after including the jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js in my theme. It allows old jquery functionality to work.

    This might be the answer but sorry – I don’t know how to install. I’m using the Magazine Basic Theme. It’s described as a Plugin but cannot find in the Add New section. I found it on the GitHub site BUT – Could you advise on how to install or link me to a place that will tell me? Thanks.

    I had to use a modified version of the SimpleModal js file to correct the IE issues as well. You can download it here from my site:

    Sorry but your link gives me a “server not found error. I’m not familiar with jQuery programing (code). If I’m able to download, how difficult will it be to install? Thanks.

    Never mind – got it downloaded from your other post’s link. Thanks.
    Where do I put it?


    I changed the simplemodal.js, referenced it in the plugin and it works great in IE.

    Thanks to Ben Kaeding for providing the fixed js.

    It works great in IE now! BUT now it doesn’t show in FireFox. 🙁
    I didn’t know if I’d get all the references so I renamed the SimpleModal I downloaded from Ben Kaeding and renamed it to jquery.simplemodal.1.4.3.min.js which was the name of the file in the Plugin’s folder and overwrote the file (I saved the old file elsewhere just in case)
    Did I do something wrong? What should I have done. Thanks

    OK, so perfect storm… You need to read my comment earlier. WordPress is now using the most recent version of jquery. That means you must also include jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js the latest js lib that support all the functions that are no longer being supported. Go here to download to read and download the jquery plugin: Add it to your website to support the most recent version of jquery with your old theme functions. Then deal with IE by replacing the SimpleModal js with the replacement I listed above. If you don’t know how to edit the php or the js then simply replace the entire source of jquery.simplemodal.1.4.3.min.js in your plugin editor. Save a copy…. ’cause I ain’t going to put it back if you break it.

    Ben (or anyone, really): I have replaced old js in the Simple Modal file with the new js. I’ve downloaded the jquery-migrate plugin as a zip file from github and attempted to install it as a plugin on my site. It won’t install. Is this how it’s meant to be installed?

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