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  • I saw a few people requesting something similar to this, and I also had a need for the exact same thing and couldnt find what I wanted, so I coded this plugin.
    Details : You nominate a Category (or categories) for your event posts. Install the plugin, use the future posts hack and posts in the event category will be displayed on your site where you select to display it. The ability to hide all posts from the selected category is also available to keep them off the main page.
    An example can be seen on my DevBlog here under the heading Events
    Any feedback on this plugin is welcomed. I still have some work to do on it, but if there are any suggestions/requests to add to it, let me know.

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  • Oh yeah, if you use this plugin, please let me know. I would be interested to see how you implement it on your site!

    Also added to the wiki plugins list.

    Have made a small change to the Docs explaining how to use ShowEvents to hide the events category from the RSS feed.

    Thanks for noticing that 🙂 I have re-written the documentation to reflect the actual function name. It was incorrect in the doc’s (sorry to all those that downloaded it)
    I have tested it a little more strenously this time around and can confirm that following the docs, does indeed work using the example category id of 2 😉 archive is repacked and can be downloaded from the same link.

    I am very glad you made this. But assume for a second that all of the event links need to be external links to the event websites, and not links to a permalinked entry within your own site. How would you recommend doing this?

    So David, do you mean in place of a WP Permalink, to have it display an external URI in the event list with the heading of the event post? If thats the case, I assume (I know, never assume) that it should be easily done with a custom field. I will have a look at using that and see if I can implement it into v1.1.

    A little confusing on show_events_future().
    I want to show all the events after today, but not after current month.
    So I change your code a little bit.
    Search for
    MONTH(post_date) > MONTH(CURDATE())
    and change it to
    post_date > CURDATE()+1

    You mentioned that you confirmed this to work with category number 2. I have tried, unsuccessfully, three times now to get it to work with category number 75. I’ll try number 2 and see what happens. I’m curious to know if anyone else has it working?

    I was hoping to say “fourth time’s a charm!” but I can’t. For some reason, <?php hide_event_posts( 'category=2' ); ?> is not hiding posts from the noted category (in this case category number 2).
    I’ll wait a bit to try a fifth time. I still want to know if anyone else has it working?

    Sounds like a girlfriend I once had. Anyway, I tried that snippet and still I’m getting the opposite of what the plugin is supposed to do. I end up with only the events category being displayed on my index.php, no matter what the category ID number is.

    Okay, I have found that if you are displaying 1 post on your index.php page, the plugin wont hide anything. I am working to fix this up in the next release.
    Currently, I have it hiding all posts if you have 1 post in index.php, but am working to have it revert to the latest post which is not in a hidden category.

    Thanks for figuring this out and, more importantly, thanks for working to fix it. I can see that that has been my problem all along, as I’m set up to only display one post. However, you said it is set to not display anything on the index.php? In my case it displayed the next post in the Events category, the opposite of what I wanted. I have uninstalled your plugin and am waiting for your fix. Good luck!

    where can i download this plug in? the link above is dead.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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