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  • I’m trying to get Event Calendar to show a list of upcoming events in the sidebar. But not only does this not seem to work (no widgets, EC v3.1.1 Release Candidate 3).

    Even without any Event Calendar code in the sidebar, activating the plugin prevent the category with the event posts from being displayed at all. Usually they are listable as regular posts on a category page. But the plugin leaves it grayed out. It is not the default category.

    I know there are compability problems, but I haven’t read about this problem before. Any ideas? I can manually put in whatever code needed if that makes it work.

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  • BTW, I happened to see that this post shows up under Feedback in Extend/Plugins for a DIFFERENT calendar plugin called simply “Calendar”.

    My problem is with one called “Event Calendar”.

    I have now tried this with a new fresh category and the default theme and with all new WP files and activating the plugin (ec_3.1.1._rc3) immediately breaks WP categories.

    Registering to comment seems to be disabled on the authors homepage.

    Currently there seems to be no event calendars that work in WP.

    seems to have broken my search….

    have joined the creator’s mailing list and hope to find a fix as otherwise really like this…

    Well, I’m going with a different calendar. This is nonsense.

    A possible solution is suggested on the Event calendar sourceforge site: Change the EventCalendar option from “Keep Posts Separate” to “Events are Normal Posts”. It brought my categories back. This will apparently be addressed somehow in the 3.1.1 release.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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