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  • big mistake – i upgraded to WP 2.3 before checking about plugin compatibility. if you don’t keep events separate the event list no longer displays in event date order. this makes it useless to me.
    is there a plan to update this plugin or do i have to roll back to WP 2.2?

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  • whooami



    before you decided to “roll back” you might consider whether or not 2.2.x is going to be supported in the long term.

    Lets say you were to do that, and that in three weeks an exploit for 2.2.3 comes out..

    What are you facing then?

    My point is that I believe that there are two versions of WordPress that are supported: 2.0.x and what’s moving forward after 2.1, which meant 2.2 -> and now means 2.3.

    Just food for thought.

    This could really become a problem again, as I am not ready to give up event calendar – even if it meant a vulnerable blog for a short time 🙁 When WP went 2.x I could not update for several months, and my webhotel did not offer updates to the older version. I did all I could to avoid the risks, but I did not upgrade. In my case, I do not allow commenting/pings/trackbacks/other interaction so the risks are minimized.

    When all the options are bad, what’s the good option?

    I have faith in ec3 beeing updated, though.




    When all the options are bad, what’s the good option?

    Hopefully that’s rhetorical. In my opinion, losing a plugin is a far lesser evil to having my web site exploited. But then, that’s me, and that’s never a risk I would take.

    I know that this is a sensitive topic, too.

    If one runs WordPress mostly as a platform for Event Calendar, then uninstalling the event calendar is probably the worst nightmare that could happen. Comment spam would probably not be a major issue.

    Obviously, privacy issues and crime are serious problems, that need to be taken into consideration. So there is a fine line… How much risk is one willing to take and what are the alternative safeguards.

    I just wanted to post a note and tell that sometimes people do “stupid things” as they are not willing to really accept the alternative either. I have done it, as the cost in time/money would have been to great, and it doesn’t make me proud 🙁

    There are only a couple of breaks in the event calendar 3 code so it’s not hopeless. We’ve been kicking this around on the EC3 mailing list and while I haven’t seen confirmation from the developers, I have faith they’ll make the modifications.

    If a specific plugin is the problem and it’s really really important, why not contact the plugin authors and offer them some kind of incentive to complete the upgrade as soon as possible?

    thanks for your replies, folks. because i was diligent about backing up my site and the MySQL databases, it only took a few minutes to roll back. i checked in with the EC mailing list and the plugin developers are well aware of the problem and expect a fix soon.

    I wrote a compatibility fix and it seems to work fine with WP 2.3. Refer to my site for the files and a small explanation. The developer’s blog was last updated in February, which didn’t instill much confidence. Hey…lives get busy and sometimes a plug-in ranks very low on the scale of priorities.

    unsat – i checked out your homeowners site. click on ‘events’ and you get a 404. you only have a couple of events posted so no big deal (although a 404 is somewhat inelegant), but i have about 30 events posted and if they
    don’t list in event date order, the calendar is compromised. (which is what happens if you don’t keep events separate, – the only suggested fix so far).

    so i’m not sure what your fix fixes.

    the developer maintains a list server and there seems to be continual discussion about the problem. you can subscribe to the digest.

    I see what you mean, groucho. I just wanted my upcoming events to be listed again. The “fix” I wrote seems to be partial at this point. It does, however, resolve problems with SQL queries.

    I just noticed that a new version of EventCalendar has now been published: EventCalendar v. 3.1.1 Release Candidate 2

    It is said to be compatible with WP2.3 (and Google Calendar)
    I have no time to test it right now.

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