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  1. Tristan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm working on a site for a large band with over 50 members. When they are asked to perform they need to find out from all the members their availability for that date.

    I've been trying several plugins to fulfill the following requirements but can't seem to find exactly what I need. I'm hoping someone here can give me some ideas of what plugins I can try.

    Here are the functions I'm looking to have covered:

    -An admin creates an event with date time etc. This event can have custom options created such as the minimum number of members needed to sign up for the gig to go ahead.
    -From within wordpress a message can be sent to a specific user role (ie subscriber) requesting them to complete an availability form for a specific event.
    -As members respond admin can see who is available.
    -Once the event is filled (or not) the admin can email users who signed up for the event details about the event.

    These are plugins I'm currently working with:

    They have most of the functions I need but for example email the attendees of and RSVP event from within WordPress is not possible. And that is crucial in the case.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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