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  • Hi,

    I seem to never receive any mails waited (answers) when I have asked question on plugins support.

    But often when I go to the plugin support I find answers that I have never seen.
    So as there were answers of which I am not noticed.

    What can be the reason ?

    May be I have a filter defined on my mailer which directs the mails in a wrong folder.
    But what is the way to identify these mails ? (if I don’t filter I get 2000 mails per day…). I have tried several searches into my mail box without finding the searched mails.
    Yes, I found but there is a true problem to solve. (I found because analyzing specifically the case of a not received answer hat I could see I found the mail into a folder because I took the time to search for).

    The problem is that there is currently nothing which allows to filter the answers to my questions (or subjects followed for which I can only ask a mail as if I was a direct participant).

    There is no more way to filter by plugin, the lonely way is to receive everything into one unique folder filtered on [WordPress Forum]. I receive more than one hundred messages per day (because I archive each year I have only 249918 messages currently into this folder…).

    I had created a filter one day because it was impossible to read everything and identify by the title and I was unable to read everything sent and I was missing often my important messages. I can no more read each day one hundred titles of messages to find if one is an answer to a thread for which I am waiting an important answer to go on in my job.

    I have created bookmarks in chrome and folder for opened questions, but to follow answers with this would need to open each one each day… same problem…

    Many author answers and use their time but who have asked the question cannot know that there is an existing answer to their question…

    Best regards


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  • Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


    Forum Moderator & Support Team Rep

    You have subscribed to some forums and a bunch of topics:

    The messages are what they are; if you want to filter them, you can look at the “from” address. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot more information on which you can filter.

    Thread Starter Trebly



    Sorry for the length of my answer to a subject which should be without any other object than a joke to disturb mind.

    I have three sources of mails coming from “wordpress forum” with the unique sender “” :
    1- Answers to question that I have issued or subjects to what I participate, this about various plugins (near twenty)
    2- Interesting questions for which I had no other solution than check “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” (fifty may be during last three years)
    3- Subscriptions to several plugins (may be thirty)

    For each source the reported threads have simple titles to be identified into the plugins.

    Currently for the three cases the identification of the mail is :
    [Wordpress Forum] <the title of the thread>
    Alll of these with the unique sender “” (the unique “from address” for anything)

    I say that this leads to an impossibility to manage exchanges because of a lack of information to identify for each mails the origin and the cause.

    I receive each day a package of one to two hundred useful mails from [forum wordpress] that I cannot sort (that I should sort to make of them something useful).
    So I would need to sort or filter these messages :
    1- by plugin
    2- by request type :
    – Notify me of follow-up replies via email
    – Subscribed to any message on the forum of “the plugin”

    But this is currently impossible.

    You tell “The messages are what they are” this suppose that nothing can change, it is sure that this is the common issue in our current world.

    You confirm that

    • There is no information to attach the object and text of a thread to the plugin.
    • There is no information to know the reason of the message.

    It is exactly like for a post service of a town to receive all the letters to distribute (10 millions per day with only the name of the recipient without address and have to deliver to destination as in a little village). Try to post a letter from New York with a name and without address.

    So you tell that’s impossible to get anymore information that the sender “”, the fact that’s from the whole forum, and the subject name (no id).

    So the natural consequence is that I, who receive the mail, must imagine a software to get all the subjects of all forums about plugins, all the message that I have send, all the messages that I have read, all the messages for which I am waiting an answer and generate an index and with the help of all these informations that I could have stored (how ? with a pencil) when I had sent a message, checked a send me what it is told about, or everything done about these plugins. And, after running this index system and the attached software that I could create and use, to get finally the messages received sorted into separate boxes by plugin, boxes for urgent answers to the answers to my questions or various subjects followed individually could become usable. I have 30.000 messages are you ready…

    I can too created an employment of secretary to print, sort, scan, convert and finally to encoded the text of printed mails and finally create clear titles (note that the mails subjects cannot be changed inside the mailers) which will have as subject the content :

    [Wordpress forum N°9999] – [answer about followed thread | message on subscription] N° 9999 (as for many forum and development threads management : stackoverflow, mozilla etc.) – subject

    That’s all.

    You explain in fact to me that my question has no meaning and is impossible to solve for the wordpress modern informatics and that we need to apply the best solution which is to go back to manual treatment of information.

    This current result is something perfectly mind boggling.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Best regards


    Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


    Forum Moderator & Support Team Rep

    All good suggestions…. if you’d like to write that up, put in a ticket at That’s how you get the developers’ attention.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @trebly You are subscribed to a literally insane amount of emails from our systems. So much that it might be considered abusive.

    My suggestion: Reduce your number of subscriptions instead of using filtering.

    You are subscribed to:

    – 3 entire forums including the main “Fixing WordPress” forum,
    – The topic tag of “login” for some reason
    – 7 different plugin support forums

    If you can’t receive our emails properly, then that is because your volume is insanely high. 2000 a day seems small for what you’re actually subbed to.

    Reduce your subscriptions, or I’ll do it for you. And after seeing this, I’ll very likely be implementing measures to disable those “whole-forum” subscriptions entirely. There is no reason for anybody to receive every post to the forums like that.

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