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  • As WP sites continue to become more and more advanced, hosting reliability and performance are increasingly important. I’ve found I can monitor server reliability (uptime) very easily by using Pingdom. I’ve found I can increase performance by adding CloudFlare.

    However, the true speed of any given server is still a huge consideration. I figure there should be a way to test and rate wordpress-compatible (LAMP or WAMP) servers based on some general metrics includiing:

    * MySQL speed tests (read, write, etc.)
    * PHP speed tests (time to complete a few scripts)
    * CPU speed tests (again, running some scripts and timing them, maybe via SSH to avoid using PHP, which is a separate test)
    * Static content delivery test (load some large files, and a big series of small files)

    Off the top of my head, those are the performance metrics that should combine to give us a general sense of a host’s performance: MySQL, PHP, CPU, static content delivery. Anyone ever heard of anything that can do this? Anyone want to write one? It’s not exactly specific to WP, so I’m going to x-post this in another reddit. Thanks.

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