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  • virus scan your entire site and right after the scan chmod 444 your index.php, issue solved 🙂

    Be sure you index.php is not infected before doing the chmod change.

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  • So, you mention the “eval(base64_decode issue” but is insufficient to really identify any particular problem, so I am not sure exactly what the problme is that this is intended to address.

    chmod 444 should prevent a script from writing to index.php, but it doesn’t remove the infection. At best, it cripples a particular kind of infection in a single place.

    It may be good security but isn’t a complete response to an infection.

    I know but at least it do not put alarm virus screen and dont banne you on google. when i scan my site via wordfence, i dont detect any virus sicne ive done these changes.

    But for me it’s a temporary setup, time to see really what happening, im in contact with wordfence techs.

    I can have my site down and banned by google those are work and my butter and bread!!

    this particular virus was attacking the index.php files and was changing it back to infected one onlye a few minutes after the virus scan has fixed the files.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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