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    This plugin runs on a script delivered from your site, and not the owner’s site.

    Do you warrant that the script running on your site complies fully with EU cookie and privacy laws? This is an important and serious issue for any site running in the EU.

    Do you also guarantee that your site is not collecting information about visitors to the sites?

    Why does the script have to run from your servers instead of the user’s own host?


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  • Plugin Author kasal


    Interesting question. I am no EU privacy lawyer, but I believe the script served from CDN complies fully with EU cookie and privacy laws. Why? Because it does not serve or use cookies at all. And since there is no need to register for the service to use it, you do not have to give away any personal information, such as your name or your email address. So the site does not have any personal information about you. There are many reasons, why it is better for such a service to run from external CDN: better speed, more easy to fix bugs and more easy to upgrade. More about it is explained in the FAQ.

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