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  • I run a small 3D Printing business out of my home, and I sell on Etsy.
    I didn’t like how the stock Etsy Shop plugin for WordPress worked, so i modified how and what it displays by editing the api request variables and CSS. The Etsy Shop Advanced Mod is what I finally ended up with. I’ve submitted it to WordPress to be added, but in the meantime, it can be found here:

    You can see the plugin modification in action here:

    Etsy Shop Advanced Mod Features:
    1. Displays Much longer Item Titles instead of only 25 chars followed by …
    2. Displays one item per row with the items FULL Etsy description to the right.
    3. Displays number of Views and Favorites beneath every item description.
    4. Changed the CSS file to support the php changes and variable displays.
    5. Updates item listing cache every hour instead of very 6 hours


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