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    Great support, but with little recourse for a refund if you find yourself dissatisfied like I did. This is for their eBay and Etsy Plugins

    I bought their Etsy and eBay plugins. Both have extremely poor UI/UX for premium WordPress plugins but hey, there are only a handful of places that make these integrations and I was willing to look past this.

    Having not really done 100% of my due diligence (but knowing most of what I needed from such a plugin and having bought similar plugins for eBay – not Etsy though) I went ahead got the two. Installed them (easy) and had a pretty good experience with their support and purchasing process.

    Once I used the Etsy plugin though the problems started: No Prefix/suffixing support (such as that in WP Lister for eBay). Per-product overrides (such as those from PlatyCorp Etsy aren’t there. A shortcode-enabled description editor also isn’t present. These are fairly standard fare for the field, and with no trial (only a chance to have a product demo – which I have no time or inclination for as someone who has very little extra time outside of running my business).

    Was left with a bitter taste at this and – after emails back and forth and no resolution in terms of a refund (despite repeated asking and despite this being only 2 days into my licence) I took to their Skype support at the advice of their agent.

    Never seen a premium plugin company using freeware like Skype for live support and it felt pretty unprofessional frankly, but there you go. I got some help with fixing some misconceptions I had about the Etsy plugin, and I got authorization to edit their code (just swap a couple of variables) so that I could at least display the short description properly at the top of my Etsy descriptions (see what I said above about no shortcode editor).

    The eBay plugin was another story. A complete mess and a marketplace as complicated as eBay needs a solid plugin to work with. Take my advice: Don’t buy either of these plugins but particularly don’t buy the eBay one – WP Lister is much better and worth the extra cash.

    And finally: Don’t buy from these cowboys anyway. They have no real refund policy, their support – whilst attentive – is straight out of 2009, just like their plugin interfaces. I dropped $300 on this lot so that you don’t have to.

    Anticipate a response along the lines of “you didn’t ask/query about what features you wanted from these plugins” – this is true, but if you’re buy as a small business owner and expect at least a short cool-off period as offered by most other plugin providers you’ll quickly realise these guys aren’t out there to make their customers happy, they’re just out for hard cash. It’s not the way to do sustainable business, so hopefully you think twice before taking a gamble.

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