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  • Here is my website.

    The WP blogs are under the News section. I am currently hacking other themes to make my site. The Eternal Sky Chronicles is a hack of LastRegrets, Tabula Rasa is a very minor hack of Cub Reporter, Ed Wood Quickies is a minor hack of Rust. I am still hacking themes on the other sections of the site, so things will look fairly similar to other themes you’ve seen via the previous theme competition.

    Also take a look at the Ed Wood “It is Finished!” post as this includes my utilization of the PodPress plug in to show the short film I made. The Play Now feature will not function unless you are registered and logged in. THIS IS NOT INTENTIONAL! I am not sure why this is but the author of the plug is looking into a solution. You can still use the Play in Popup and Download functions.

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  • I’m getting an error when clicking that link… there’s no need to include “index.php” to it when you’re using WP – removing the index.php worked fine.

    Thanks, ladyluna. Part of the problem is that I put the wrong extension on my post. The link should be:

    Sorry folks, it was late and I was really tired when I posted that. Everything else is correct, though.

    No sweat 🙂 But just so you know, without putting the “index.html” on the end, it defaults to the index page anyway… just for future reference 🙂

    If you’re seeking opinions… (and if you’re not, please don’t mind my giving you a few) about the look and feel of the site, then I’d have to say while the “news” blog part looks good, the rest of the site looks fairly “amateur”. I’m not a fan at all of black backgrounds (unless they’re used sparingly, as in a sort of “border” to your news section) and it’s somewhat annoying that all the links open in a new tab (on FF) or window (IE). The only time you should ever really use that is if you’re linking to a different site.

    And it doesn’t appear that you’re carrying the same look across the site… nor are you carrying the navigation. If you had the navigation going across all pages in some form or another, there’d be no need for making all the links open in a new tab or window.

    It just appears to me that you’re trying to market to a fairly professional audience, and without a professional looking site, you might find yourself coming up short.

    Again, just my opinions/advice… sorry if it wasn’t requested, I couldn’t really tell by your post what you were looking for from us forum people. 🙂

    ladydelaluna – thank you very much for the advice. I do appreciate feedback such as yours.

    One of the reasons that the site does not have a completely consistent look is that, while I am lerning certain things quickly, there are other things that I have little or no experience with yet.

    Navigation, for example; I originally had pages opening up into a frame under the nav buttons. However, when I implemented the drop down menu for the news section, it would not render below the navigation frame. I did not know how else to solve this problem and I don’t know of another method to have everything open onto one page under my main banner, without reloading the hole main banner with nav section with each time a visitor accesses a differant part of the site. (So if anyone out there wants to walk me through how to set that up, that would be fantastic! 😉 )

    I also wanted to give each page of the News section a slightly different look; something that would reflect the tone of the project, with each production diary having something to link it back to the main visual theme, but not overwhelm the individual project theme. I was thinking that the organization of the sidebar would be a themeatic link between News pages, along with a mini banner composed of the Eternal Sky logo in far left 15% – 25% of the project sub-banner.

    Bonegrinder, for instance, is a horror novella that a friend of mine write with a Southwestern American flavor and featuring a Native American deity as the “monster” of the novel. So, I will create (actually hack) a theme and use colors of the desert against the black border/background, with some touches of red from blood spilled in the novel and the banner will consist of a rock carving of the deity with maybe a canyon or sand dunes and the Eternal Sky mini logo on the left side.

    Btw, I really do like the balck background/border that i use. it is rare and rather easy on my eyes, so that much I’m going to work on keeping. 😉

    In terms of what I wanted from the forum peeps … well anything really. *LOL* I just saw this section for putting up your own themes and figured I’d put my site on here and let people know about using multiple themes with multiple blogs and then sit back and listen to what people had to say. So you have nothing to be sorry about ladydeluna. I truly appreciate what your saying, I just don’t know how to seemlessly intergate everything … yet. (Plus I wanted folks to watch my movie and gimme some feedback 😀 )

    i use several themes under my domain-name as well, but I kind of consider them “different sites” rather than different themes within the site. But they’re all “my” personal sites, for various tasks/topics, kind of like ES’s seem to be divided up. For me just having a different look/theme/functionality for each major unrelated subject area, is a more helpful layer of division above the “Category” ability.

    Dgold – what you’re saying makes perfect sense to me – if they’re different topics, or meant to appear as different “sites” – it makes sense to use different themes and such I think. 🙂

    Chaz – just a tidbit of SEO advice for you? forget about the frames. if you want, use an include for the header, and that way you can use whatever kind of javascript you want without having to worry about it getting stuck behind the frame – but in all honesty, frames will wind up hurting you in the long run SEO-wise, and since they’re so dated, will continue the “unprofessional” look. (a’course, that’s my opinion part of it – the facts about the SEO stuff are just that though, fact)

    if you’re dead-set on the black w/blue text, that’s your choice, again, i see a site like that and i typically click right off it. it’s not easy on MY eyes, but that’s just me. and you’re going to find that since you can’t please everyone, you have to go with things you know will please at least some people… including yourself 🙂 i’m sure you’re not the only person in the world who likes it, but you have to keep your visitors in mind more so than what you prefer i think. (i’ve had this argument with clients before… but you’re not paying me, so i won’t “argue” with ya 😉 lol)

    as far as “reloading” the header with the navigation on every page – unless your images are huge in file size, it shouldn’t be an issue. most sites do it that way, or do it using an include like i mentioned before. i’m vehemently against frames, and as far as why, it’s strictly SEO related for me.

    (sorry about the lack of capital letters… lol it’s saturday, i’m not working) 😀

    Please define SEO – and yes, I ditched the frames long ago *LOL*

    Right now, I personally know nothing about JavaScript – I have Dreamweaver handle all that for me.

    ladydeluna, you mention an “include,” is that a JS command or PHP?

    “My” google for seo returns on second place this: search engine optimization 🙂

    “include” seems to be a PHP thing:

    actually, you can use includes with HTML too, moshu – and it’s not JS or PHP necessarily, although PHP is the way to do it when the site is built with PHP. unfortunately the only automated way to do it in HTML is to use *shudder* FrontPage. you can do it yourself, but i’m not positive on the exact code since i really never use it… i just hard code all my headers and navigation right into each individual page (or in the case of using wordpress as a content management system, use PHP functions to call them in)… again, for SEO purposes.

    SEO does mean search engine optimization… 🙂 helping your site get indexed faster and better for the keywords and keyword phrases that most apply to your site. (also what happens to be my field of expertise and supports my daily living expenses… lol)

    Some most excellent responses. Thank you all for your help so far, but this is not over yet. 😀

    I have been giving very serious consideration on how to intergate my site and the possibility of making the site brighter and more airy – using more whites, and “snow” colors to reflect more of the day time sky than the nighttime sky, or perhaps using a midnight blue instead of black.

    ladydelaluna, would you bo so good as to send an e-mail to Chaz @ eternalsky .us


    I figured out how to do the includes in PHP, but the multiply plug in I use to generate multiple blogs is somehow trying to redefine header information after I call my nav.php – there’s no header information in it, it is just a div with the banner image in it. The weird part about it is that the line in the multiply plug-in that PHP gets all funky with is a line of code that wipes out cookies.

    Here’s the text of the error message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at {absolute pathname} …/nav.php:6) in {absolute pathname} …/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/000-multiply.php on line 167

    I’ll just have to leave it alone for now because I have no clue about what could be going wrong.

    Well … I spent all day attempting to intergate my site and got no where. I figured out that the best place to put a universal navbar would be in the header of a very cimple theme with a well defined header section. The hack of Lastregrets that I use for the Eternal Sky Chronicles served me well for most of what I wanted to do, but no matter what I do and its puts the nav bar right under the banner. That part is absolutely perfect, but it will not render the dropdown menu under the News Section (and I’m not using frames). It is like the JS for the dropdown menu is ignored. *sighs*

    Chaz – check your email 🙂

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