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  • Hello, I’m developing a new eCommerce blog and came across a problem I would like to iron out with eStore (Version v5.5.6).

    I had deleted some product records and later altered some products’ primary ID to fill in the voids. When I shortcode for the specific product, using the new ID, they pull up. However when I try to shortcode a category listing, [wp_eStore_category_products_fancy id=2 style=2 order=1 type=1], it shows an error in the respective spots. Specifically it states,

    Looks like you have entered a product ID in the shortcode that doesn’t exist. Please check your product ID and the shortcode again!

    Please check out the example of my problem near the bottom of the page (zora/zakia don’t show up in the category shortcode, however no problem to show as product shortcode).
    problem page

    Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I have this same problem and don’t know how to fix it. I’ve searched the help, etc. and can’t figure it out. Right now I have my products which looks very nice and then two empty boxes with the error message:
    Price: $
    Looks like you have entered a product ID in the shortcode that doesn’t exist. Please check your product ID and the shortcode again!

    And yes, any solutions would be appreciated.

    I stumbled across this post looking into eCommerce solutions. I’ve no experience with your particular plugin but I do work with databases quite often.

    The ID’s created in relational databases (MySQL in this case most likely) are intended to be more or less unique and really should have no actual meaning beyond being a pointer to a single entry. Using product numbers, ISBN’s, UPC codes or what ever for an entry ID or Primary Key is a bad idea for this very reason.

    As a result, deleting and back filling the numbers creates issues. With out looking at the plugin and it’s associated tables I can’t say for sure what happened. I will wager though that there is another table involved and when you deleted the entry in the primary table it deleted all other entries for that item in all other tables (a cascade delete).

    Since you reused a number that was deleted there were no related entries for it elsewhere.

    A possible solution would be to properly delete the offending entries though what ever method the plugin offers and re enter them as if they were new and let the plugin do the ID assignment.

    Thanks so much for your reply. I just went in and deleted the entire post, products, zips, jpgs associated with the particular page (everything I spent the whole day doing – sigh….) The problem page is the one that has all my products on it. This is the code (?) for it:
    I went in to the html on the page thinking that I would see all the shopping cart code(shortcodes) and could delete the offending two. But all that’s in the html is the above code.
    This is the page:

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