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  • I’ve little experience creating custom themes. A company likes my other design work and wants to hire me freelance to create themes for their clients. I assume once I get going I’ll speed up but would like an idea from experienced theme designers how much time on average it takes you to create a basic theme from scratch given only basic guidlines/info from the client. They want it submitted ready to plug into their custom folder (php + images). I’m grateful for any advice, pointers and idea on average time it takes most designers.

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  • It’s completely dependant upon the design, the functionality required and the “fussiness” quotient of the client. Sorry but you’re really asking a “how long is a piece of strong?” question.

    yeah…it’s nearly impossible to tell…. I can tell you how long it takes me to do a theme

    I have all the knowledge I need to make themes do what I want.
    It takes me about 8 hours to do the graphic design portion… as in all the art, logos, icons, etc

    It takes me about a week of very loose time coding (probably could do it in a day for coding and a day for tweaking/fixing if I only did that)

    But, that’s building a theme that does what I want with the skills/knowledge I have. If I was to need to do anything outside of my comfort zone…. custom queries, etc…. it would take another day at least to google, search, google, read the codex, bug @esmi a couple of times here, etc. Learn the new function and implement it…

    So really, it all depends what you need to learn to accomplish what you are building.

    Thanks guys. I was thinking a good day’s work or more also. He’s going to send me the first job that I’ll set a small fee for so I can test it before deciding. I don’t mind loosing some at first just because I’m trying to break into this kind of work. Thanks for feedback.

    A day is almost certainly too short a time. Think a week at least for a non-child theme.

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    Unless you have a base theme to use as a starting point I would allow at least a week unless you are 3rd Degree Blackbelt WordPress Ninja, which if you were would only take a few hours or so…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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