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  • Hi!

    I am quite the newcomer to MySQL and WordPress (and apache and blogging all at once, eep!) and while after reading the docs for all of the above and perusing the support forums I still seem to have this basic problem.

    I created a database and user both via the MySQL command line and MySQL Administrator as descibred here ( among other places. Should be simple.
    But whatever I seem to use as the wp-config.php data, including “root” I cannot seem to get past this error. I am guessing that I have an improper database setup, as the config file is straightforward. No typos like missing single quotes, so it appears to have to be either wrong info or bad database setup.
    I’m testign this all on winXP sp2, apache 2.0.52, php4.3.1, and WP 1.2.2.

    Any help for my confusion is appreciated. Thanks!


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  • “winXP sp2, apache 2.0.52, php4.3.1, and WP 1.2.2.”

    mySQL or IIS ?

    Oops, forgot to list that at the bottom. It is MySQL 4.1.8 (thanks)

    If this is something you’ve set up on your machine by downloading the individual components then I always recommend scrapping it and downloading xampp – the installer version. It’s very very easy to get working on XP Home (XP Pro ? Kill IIS first).

    Run Installer.
    That’s it, and it’ll work.

    I’ll take a look at that and see if it fixes my woes.
    It’s XP Pro, and long ago disabled the IIS services. 🙂

    Having now done so, I have to say that your recommendation to use XAMPP was great!

    Simple and smooth. I did have that 1 line to alter in upgrade-functions.php to get past stage 3, but perfect! Now I can focus on style and getting it out to the real server soon.

    Thanks again!


    Excellent news 🙂

    Now you can get a wiki going too!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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