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  • A theme, I guess, though not final yet (I know of a number of glitches…). The blog structure is still there, but I use this site mainly for posting photos. So I did everything I could to maximize the space available for content. At this point, I am interested in getting feedback about the overall aspect and the navigation (confusing or not ?).


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  • Oh WOW. I love it when folks do something different and classy, which FITS.

    Your nav is SUPERB. (Um. You need to realize that I’m a bit “different” when it comes to this sort of thing…. so yours “fits” me, where others might not appreciate it – while I think dropdowns are clean and easy to use, others may differ….)

    Only one teensy quibble: I expected the “theme/look switcher” to switch to the “swatch” colors. So I was agreeably surprised to find the lime-green icon change to such a LOVELY midnight look!

    VERY nice overall, and I’d be quite pleased to discover that you’d be releasing this for download…. I have a perfect site for it….

    Hi, that is great looking. I was wondering can you tell me what technique you used for the
    # Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
    # Canon Powershot S20

    Is that done with Custom Fields in WordPress?

    I like the dark background variation the most for viewing pix. The drop-down category nav seems fine to me.

    Wow! This is great! I was just salivating over Douglas Bowman’s MT photo templates (, but these are gorgeous. A great example of making WordPress do YOUR bidding and making it uniquely your own. (Lovely photos, too!)

    Thanks to all for the nice comments.

    vkaryl: you are right, I will fix the ambience switch colors.

    Dgold: yes, I use custom fields. This is explained in the “about ” page.

    I still have work to do before thinking of releasing Esquisses as a theme – the biggest problem being that it does not validate.


    Well, if you want a beta tester…. and I’m happy to tweak theme stuff toward validation….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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