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    I’ve searched and tried many things to try to solve my problem with feedburner’s rss feed.

    Feedburner says my original feed is now invalid. I cannot resync it.
    An “Error 403” displays when I click resync.

    I’ve tried fiddling with my .htaccess and deactivating many plugins.

    I have a feeling the problem may be in my .htaccess, but I’m not savvy when it comes to that area.

    Hopefully, someone may be able to help me out.


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  • The error 403 comes up for your site in general.

    Why do you feel this is related to .htaccess? Did you modify that file in any way?

    I tried following a tutorial tought by an editor of perishible press.

    Here’s some of the code added. But I removed it, and still have the same problem.

    Some of the other code instructed to add includes:

    <Files wp-config.php>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all

    <FilesMatch “.*”>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from

    # PROTECT install.php
    <Files install.php>
    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all
    Satisfy all

    I’ve only recently had this problem though.

    That second block of code… which is supposed to secure wp-admin, you put that in your main .htaccess file? Or in an .htaccess file within the wp-admin folder?

    If you put it in the main .htaccess, I think that might be the problem – you denied everything. You could see your site, but I couldn’t — which makes sense because you allowed your own IP. And feedburner also has a different IP, they couldn’t get to your feed

    Delete all that stuff for now.

    Then wait. Or restart your server if you have the ability.
    Some hosts can take a couple hours to pick up on .htaccess changes

    I will do that, and wait.

    I appreciate the help, thanks.

    Yes, that did the trick.

    I guess I was just being too impatient.

    Thanks again.

    Sure, glad you are back in!
    Gotta be real careful with that .htaccess, it’s pretty easy to shut a site down in there

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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