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    Okay, the first time this happened I chalked it up to a glitch but I’m now on the fourth time this has happened in 3 days. I’m not sure what has happened, or where… but I have an issue.

    A customer will go through the entire checkout process and I receive a PayPal confirmation that the money is there. The first thing I notice about the PayPal payment is that it doesn’t include shipping when this incident occurs. Now, when I look at the order in eShop in the Pending category, I show an incomplete order with a balance of $0.00… as if the customer bought nothing? Even though I have a packing slip from PayPal confirming that the money has gone through (minus the shipping costs.) Help?

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    So there is no clue as to what they ordered at all? Have you contacted the customer to check what was ordered?
    What version of eShop are you using?

    Are you getting a copy of the transaction details sent via email from eShop?

    Thats the weird part… the transaction goes through PayPal with the payment like it’s supposed to (minus the shipping fees of course). So thanks to PayPal, I know what they ordered and I can even print out a packing slip. As far as a documentation of the transaction on my site, it shows nothing ordered for a total of $0.00.

    Here’s the kicker… it doesn’t happen on every transaction. I don’t know if it is something my customer is doing/not doing in the checkout process or if it is a glitch in the system itself.

    I am running version 6.3.8 of eShop.

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    can you link me to a screenshot of the product details, what you see on the edit page. Just in case there is anything in there that might cause this.

    This is what I’m seeing from the Order Details and the Invoice pages. Is this what you were looking for?

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    no i need the product entry details from the edit page – the section with the sku descriptions and options.

    I have removed the link to those images, can i suggest you remove them entirely – as they show a customers details.

    Wow, that was a boneheaded move on my part. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Is this what you needed?

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    you are using an elegant theme, sorry must have missed that, we specifically DO NOT support any site using one of those themes.

    Having said that, you chopped the sku and description off in that screenshot. Plus, if you are using an option set for that product, I’d need a screenshot of that as well.

    I didn’t realize you had replied to this, sorry it took so long (never received a notification.) Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you no longer support Elegant Themes. That really sucks, especially considering this is a new issue. Even still, thanks for offering to at least take a look at this to see if it is a simple fix.

    There are no Option Sets being used with the exception of maybe 1-2 products on the website.

    This is a screen-shot of one particular product that came through as another $0.00 transaction today.

    Upon searching the Elegant Themes boards… it appears that eShop/eStore should be compatible up to version 6.3.7 of eShop, is this correct? If so, I appear to be running 6.3.8, which could be part of the problem. Would downgrading cause any errors that you know of?



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    We do not support eShop when used on a site running any theme from Elegant Themes. Their themes can – and often do – cause significant problems within eShop because the themes are not built to standards but use non-standard, custom, functions.

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    Ok just to clarify – if you have a site that uses a theme from elegant themes, we will not give you any support whatsoever for eShop.

    No amount of talking or discussion will change this, ever.

    Thread closed.

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