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  • Hi Elfin,

    Thanks for an amazing plugin. I found myself thinking ‘heck yeah’ after every feature that I came across as I was testing a shop I am putting up on a clients website. I will definitely be donating to you when it is working properly.


    I am confused with Shipping. I am in Australia and I have a shop that sells an item in a state called WA.

    • If the item gets posted to anywhere in WA it is a single shipping charge.
    • If the item gets posted anywhere outside WA it is a slightly higher charge.

    That’s all I really have for shipping charges. I am confused as to how set the zones and classes to enable these simple shipping charges.

    Also, how does eshop know what to charge for shipping? Does it find out what country/state the buyer is in and lookup the shipping table and use the result?
    If so, I can’t seem to set eshop up correctly so that when a buyer selects their state in Australia (1 of 7) the shipping is calculated in the checkout. I can’t even see how I can get a dropdown list for states in Australia (only US). I am happy to create a dropdown list for australia since there are only 7 states.

    anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks again for the plugin and any help you can provide


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  • Set shipping to use states/counties.

    Make the local area zone 1, and put all the others in zone 2…

    yes you will have to add the various areas into the states/counties table select from the country list on that page and then enter them, 1 at a time.

    Hi Elfin,

    Thanks for your reply. I sort of understand the first part of your answer about zone 1 and 2 but unfortunately you lost me with the second part of your answer.

    Would it be too much to ask you to rephrase it and maybe make it a little more detailed.

    Thank you, I appreciate your help and time.


    yeah sorry it wasn’t that clear was it.

    on the eShop – Shipping – State/County/Province page you’ll need to add in the various regions of Australia. To do this use the ‘Set State/County/Province’ form on the right to Australia, then use the input boxes on the left to add the regions in one by one. Setting the right zones as you go.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Elfin,

    Thanks for your help.

    I am going to give up, I’m sorry.

    I don’t want to sound like a dick but everytime I change the state code it says it’s not valid, then it doesn’t tell me why, and I can’t get it to not think that WA is western australia not washington state.

    I think it’s just works better for the usa. It’s cool, i’m not complaining but i need a solid shop that makes me feel confident since i will be exchanging a good amount of goods and money.

    it’s a great plugin as i mentioned before. it works really well except the shipping kills me.

    thanks again for an awesome plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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