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  • eShop seems to be an awesome plugin but I’m having a big issue with the shopping cart.

    I can add 1 item to the shopping cart but when it redirects me to the shopping cart page no matter if I press the continue shopping link, the checkout link or the update cart link, the cart empties and it tells me there are no items in my shopping cart.

    Please help!

    I’m running WP 2.7.1

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  • This is usually a problem with php sessions, contact your hosting provider about that. However on a few occassions the theme in use has also affected things, so it might be worth changing to a default one and run a few tests.

    Hi elfin,
    I really appreciate your timely response and help.

    I contacted my hosting provider “FatCow” and they said that if I could give them a better explanation of why this is happening besides just a php session issue they could possibly help me.

    I tried the cart on my other website as well and I’m still having the same issue. Different theme entirely so I’m thinking that’s not the problem.

    Any other suggestion?

    My site is

    Thanks so much

    Another issue recently identified was a custom htaccess (ie different from WordPress’s default – so can you take a look at that).

    Are you sure you don’t have any other plugins running? – apologies forgot to check earlier. always worth turning those off and running a quick test. Cache plugins are sometimes not compatible for example.

    the htaccess is still on default I think. Default is still checked under permalinks.

    I deactivated all plugins and then reinstalled e-Shop and it is still encountering the same problem.

    are you on windows or linux hosting?

    I use a Mac.
    Could that be causing an issue?

    Not unless you edited any of the eShop files, no.

    I did not edit any eShop files and I believe I’m using windows hosting.

    someone else reported a problem with windows hosting – but can’t recall what it was.

    So before we go back to the hosting – did you try with one of the default themes, to rule your theme out?

    Yes I did. I switched to the default wordpress theme and I encountered the same issue.

    Then atm the moment the only thing I can suggest is it is a hosting issue. The cart stores things in a php session, if that session is not kept between page refreshes then you won’t be able to use eShop.

    I had a similar issue in that I was unable to add items to the cart when using a custom permalink structure and ISAPI Rewrite.

    It might be worth your while switching off permalinks and going back to the dirty page_id=234 style, testing it and seeing what result you get.

    Only takes 5 minutes and you shouldn’t get too many 404’s in that time.

    Might be a long shot but at least it ticks another box.

    I am having this same issue and I use Fatcow as my hosting site.

    sounds like fatcow is a problem then.

    Another thing to check is htaccess files anywhere on the site. I have also come across problems with those as well.

    It does appear that Fatcow is the problem, as I am having the same issue. If anyone is able to resolve it, can you please post the soloution here.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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