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    I am having the same problem and have read many different forums about this topic but none seem to get the issue resolved.

    I have checked my spam bin, changed the email address and still no luck.

    The cart is live and not in test mode, Paypal is the only gateway I have set up. I do receive the money in paypal and Paypal sends an automatic email letting me know that the order was placed. Also in WP I do received email notifications for ALL other site activity for WP and other plugins.

    I simply want to receive an email from EShop with all the details of the purchase so I can send that to our fulfillment people to process and ship the order. Currently I am not getting anything from Eshop.

    I am assuming that the email that should be receiving the auto email from eshop is settings/eshop/business details

    Please let me know how I can receive an auto email as the seller and how I can modify that template to be sure I get all the details from the order.

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    eShop uses the core WP mail functionality. So if you are receiving standard WP emails, you should also be receiving mails from eShop. Are these orders listed as Pending or Active?

    I do receive every other email for other plugins as well as WP core functionality like new comments. The orderes are listed as “active” but no email is sent to notify me.



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    As there has not been an update to this topic for a while, I can only assume that the issue has now been resolved and I am now marking it as such. If this is incorrect, please feel free to change the topic’s status and/or post a followup.

    Hi Elfin, we implemented that php and it still isn’t working. I am just curious as to why we cannot just have the plugin send an email to the admin email everytime an order is made? I have seen this issue on quite a few other threads as well.

    1 – this is an old thread, please start a new one

    2 – an email is sent out every time to the admin address – if you are not receiving it then you have an issue.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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