• Good afternoon.

    I would like to make a customization of the eshop plugin, adapted to my little B2B business.

    Now the Eshop features are turned off however.

    The main issue of the customization would be integrating a commission system to the sales process, in which some agents would get a percentage of the sales.

    My business consists in producing images that are sold in several printing formats.
    Bigger formats are currently being sold and printed on demand, in limited editions, to art collectors.

    Now, I have decided to open a business line for smaller formats, actually postcards, that will be sold to small businesses, such as libraries, souvenir shops or cool coffee shops.

    In order to activate this new business line, I will reach deals with several agents that will work on commission and that will cover different geographical areas.

    Each distributor agent will be given several samples will and will contact those shops or places where my postcards may fit in.

    The owner of those shops will have the chance to check if the postcards sell good and in case that wants to make an order, this will be done directly in my site.

    For each order, the agent that distributed to that particular shop should be able to get a previously dealt percentage of the sale to his/her Paypal account.

    All the postcards stocks will be kept in a logistic center ( managed by one single person ) that should get a copy of the orders, pick the requested products, pack them and make the delivery.
    This “logistic” person will have another paypal account and get another percentage of the amount for each request.

    This eshop customization should need to be totally compatible to the constant updates that the Eshop Plugin team performs periodically, so that, new versions of the plugin could be installed in my wordpress platform without affecting this customization.

    So, in resume, this customization should be able to:

    1.- create/ modify / delete distribution agents, each one with a numeric code, and the emails of the shops where they distributed linked to his agent account.

    2.- link final customers ( shops ) to distribution agents.

    3.- create/ modify / delete logistic agents

    4.- determine the percentage for each request, for both agents ( in case we need to renegotiate the terms of the commission ) This percentage should be able to be introduced and modified only by the administrator of the wordpress site and visible to agents.

    5.- agents account management.
    The accounts of the agents will be created by the admin, not by them.
    However they should be able to change the password of their login.
    Agents should be able to be access to their account and change their data in case they want ( name, surname, email, paypal account etc )
    As well, they should be able to see the eshop orders that have been requested by their shops. ( Data from other agents should not be visible )

    in case that some Shop Owners get to know about my postcards without any distribution then the percentage of the sale dedicated distribution agents should be 0%.While the percentage to the logistic agents stays the same.

    However, in the future, in order to stimulate agents to keep on distributing, a percentage of the orders performed without distribution but in the same geographical area should be divided among the agents as a bonus.

    If there’s a developer that might be able to introduce this customization, please contact me to negotiate the economical terms.

    Thank you very much.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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