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    Pardon me for perhaps stupid questions, but I cannot find answers anywhere.

    My client has a blog with one image per post, and she has 1500 posts. She wants to sell these photographs as framed/not framed. They are all exactly the same size, with exactly the same alternatives. For example:

    size (without frames):

    size with frame:
    (20×20) = 30×30
    (30×30) = 40×40
    (40×40) = 50×50

    I have made these in the “option sets”.

    1. can eShop be automated to apply these option sets alternatives to every post? If not, is there a way of doing it by bulk? (for unique eShop ID I am happy to use post ID, though ideally: postID+imagename)

    2. Further, I do not understand what the use of the “product options” is in each post in this case? I would like to use option sets only.

    3. can I make dropdowns conditional? For example: if I have chosen frame, can I then show just the frame sizes?

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  • 1. I’m afraid it’s not possible to automate options within eShop.

    2. Product options are available for those who do not normally use option sets. For example, someone might have a short run of both red and yellow widgets for sale but does not not normally offer colour options. They are not likely to want to create a “Color” option set for this one-off situation.

    3. Sorry – no.

    Just a thought but have you looked at any of the plugins that allow you to duplicate posts? Perhaps this might ease the burden in this situation?

    Hi there esmi – thank you for your response, though it was not what i wanted to hear 🙂

    I might look into other shop solutions, but the problem is, the ones i have found so far all create a new shop page with products (posts)..which is exactly what i do not want..

    In short; do you (or anyone else here) know of a plugin that will let me simply add buy-function to every post?

    The only other option I can think of is to perhaps approach this via the theme and adding a shortcode to the relevant post templates using something like:

    <?php echo do_shortcode ('[eshop_shortcode_name attribute1="value1" attribute2="value2"]');?>

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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