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  • I’m using
    eshop 6.2.12

    other plugins active are:
    Google XML SitemapsVersion 3.2.6
    Like Version 1.9.6
    WP-PageNavi Version 2.82
    Wp Pagenavi Style Version 1.3
    I’ve done 5 orders now and all I get is the order going through and me landing on the thank you page. There is no download info there and no download info is sent to me.
    I just get 2 e-mails using 2 paypal accounts – one for the “Notification of Payment Received” and a “receipt for the payment”.
    In the orders I have 5 pending.
    I read somewhere that others plugins could affect it – so i deactivated them all and did another order with the same result.
    I also read somewhere else about getting an e-mail to admin..but I have no idea what that is about.
    In the e-mail section i have Automatic Paypal email as active…

    Dear {FIRSTNAME},

    Your order has been received. Thank you!
    The details of your order follow…

    ————— ORDER DETAILS —————


    ————— DOWNLOAD DETAILS —————
    These are available for download via:

    ————— CUSTOMER DETAILS —————


    ————— CONTACT DETAILS —————


    ————— OTHER INFORMATION (if applicable) —————


    If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.
    Thank you for ordering with us.

    In the downloads tab in eshop settings i have downloads only : yes
    eshop emails
    By default the Downloads code and url is hidden from the Cash/Bank emails, as they have not been paid for.
    Show Download details in emails:no

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  • esmi


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    Are the orders marked as Pending or Active?

    All Pending



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    The download email will not be sent out by eShop until the transactions have been completed.

    okay – why are they in pending still as the money has been taken and the client and the seller have both received e-mails to say the transactions have gone through. I did 5 transaction over 3 hours ago it shouldn’t take this long.



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    Because your chosen payment gateway hasn’t yet sent the successful transaction code to eShop or eShop cannot communicate with the merchant gateway. Which gateway are you using?

    Paypal only.



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    In that case, try waiting a little longer. We have known PayPal to take a day or so to contact eShop.

    that seems a little bonkers…if i’m getting the e-mail immediately and most people get auto downloads automatically – how can it take 24 hours – surely the system would be completely unworkable if every now and again you had to wait 24 hours…people would be pulling there hair out and asking paypal for refunds all the time…PS I use elegant themes so that might be an issue…as it seems some eshop features don’t work with elegant themes i’ve read on some boards….i’ll keep waiting though!



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    that seems a little bonkers

    Really? And how is eShop supposed know that the customer has paid for the download unless PayPal contact it? eShop is good but it’s not that good. 😉

    I use elegant themes

    Sorry – we don’t support themes from Elegant Themes. If you want to continue to use eShop, I’d strongly recommend that you use another theme.

    I wasn’t intending to be rude to you – eshop is a really good system – i use it on another site for physical goods and it works fine…i just find it odd that i get an e-mail within 10 seconds from paypal with my transaction number yet paypal won’t talk to eshop…I understand what you are saying perfectly well…it has to send the variable back to eshop for it to do anything with…I get that.



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    Have you checked all of your PayPal account settings and cross-checked the relevant details against your PayPal settings in eShop? Unless these are set up absolutely correctly, PayPal and eShop will never be able to communicate.

    Thanks that seems to have sorted it out – although not sure exactly what the fault was.

    When you get this info:

    These are available for download via:
    Code: 1234ABCD

    is it possible to just click a link and append the code so that the boxes are automatically filled in?

    something like:

    that is possible, I’ll add it to the roundtuit.

    just another thing can eshop have a minimum amount ordered rathert than a non-zero element.
    I’m just a bit worried someone might change the values to 0.01 when all the items cost £29.95 for example.
    i.e. i could put in minimum order of £29.94 otherwise the sale would fail for example.

    oh another thing is the maximum file size of 5Mb for all your products or each individual product?

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