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    Hi there,
    I’ve recently setup authLdap but have hit a problem. Looking further down it looks like it was a problem with the passwords being escaped, I think I’m having a related issue with the user objects.

    I have quite a few users with their user object display name as “Lastname, Firstname”. This is causing issues when it is searching for groups.

    I get this in the logs

    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:19 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Group Filter: "(&(objectClass=group)(member=CN=LastName\\, FirstName,OU=1,OU=2,OU=3,OU=4,DC=5,DC=6))"
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:19 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Group Base: OU=3,OU=4,DC=5,DC=6
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:19 UTC] PHP Warning:  ldap_search(): Search: Bad search filter in wp-content\plugins\authldap\ldap.php on line 202
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:19 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Exception getting LDAP group attributes: no result found

    The DN copied straight from the directory is: CN=LastName\, FirstName,OU=1,OU=2,OU=3,OU=4,DC=5,DC=6

    Anyone without a comma or space in the display name works correctly, the below is from someone in the same groups and same OU, but different format display name.

    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:10 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Group Filter: "(&(objectClass=group)(member=CN=OtherDisplayName,OU=1,OU=2,OU=3,OU=4,DC=5,DC=6))"
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:10 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Group Base: OU=3,OU=4,DC=5,DC=6
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:10 UTC] [AuthLDAP] LDAP groups: ["grp1","grp2","grp3"]
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:10 UTC] [AuthLDAP] Role from LDAP group: contributor
    [28-Mar-2019 05:08:10 UTC] [AuthLDAP] role from group mapping: contributor


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