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    I’m running WP 2.2.1 on a new Centos4 VPS, and hitting escaped quotes / addslashes problems when trying to enter an a tag.

    For example, entering:
    <a href="" alt="WordPress">WordPress</a>

    after a Save is left as:
    <a href=\"\" alt=\"WordPress\">WordPress</a>

    The escaped quotes (from addslashes it seems) mean the a tag doesn’t work in the final page, it resolves in the browser to:
    compared to when entered in functions.php on the other site.

    The a tag is being entered in a field in a modified version of functions.php from Kubrick.

    Strangely, it works perfectly on WP 2.2.1 running on another VPS (RHEL4, not Centos), using exactly the same version of functions.php.
    <a href="">WordPress</a> is saved as it should be.

    Can anyone suggest what I need to do to stop the escaping behavior? Suspect I’m missing something obvious.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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