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  • Resolved Scott Hendison


    Two different sites on two different hosting accounts / control panels (one Hsphere and one Plesk), I followed directions, then enter in all the info, hit “save” and get five pink errors –

    Error,Your Google Plus ID is Empty
    Error,Your Client ID is Empty
    Error,Your Client Secret is Empty
    Error,Your Redirect URI is Empty
    Error,Your Api Key is Empty

    and all the fields stay empty –

    I tried the Google Plus ID both with the full url and with just the numbers- same result (but which is it supposed to be?)

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  • +1 to this.
    Going to try Firefox I hope this is a Chrome thing.

    Still Fail. Too bad this would be a great plugin.

    Glad it’s not just me – well not “glad”, but you know 😉

    (Did you know that the plugin author is NOT notified by that there has been a support issue posted on their plugin. It makes plugin authors look like they don’t care, and this seems really dumb on the part of )

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Did you know that the plugin author is NOT notified by that there has been a support issue posted on their plugin.

    That may be true (I’m not a plugin author) but I think these links work.

    The Subscribe to email for this Plugin ought to work as well on this page.

    It’s got a nonce so posting that link would not be helpful. 😉

    Yes, once we answer a post the first time and subscribe to the topic we get notifications, but there’s no initial notification – I can’t understand that decision by WP, and it makes no sense.

    As a plugin author I WANT to provide good support, but there’s nothing worse than stumbling upon an unanswered support ticket – I’m just glad our plugins have few support issues. And of course, as an end user there’s nothing worse than your ticket falling on deaf ears.

    Maybe there’s a setting somewhere that says “notify me of support tickets left for my plugins” but I’ve never found it, and I’ve looked. 😉



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    Wow, perfect – Thanks esmi –

    Funny, I never realized we could do that, and both I and my programmer will now go subscribe to our own plugin support feeds. I wonder how many other plugion authors are out there that don’t realize you have to subscribe?

    Plugin Author angelacarmichael


    Hey! Sorry, I have been sick. I will push an update by tomorrow. Thanks so much for the feedback!! Sorry again.

    Plugin Author angelacarmichael


    This has been resolved, I am pushing an update now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Plugin Author angelacarmichael


    3.1.5 has been pushed.

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